"Keeping One's Feet on the Ground"

Do you want to stay humble for the rest of your life, then you might want to take some time to read this post, it may somehow remind us of how we must be.

Nobody knows everything except for our almighty God.  One can not boast of his skills or knowledge about knowing something or everything; for instance a medical doctor should not disparage a mechanic nor a weaver. Technically, each is a master in his own field. The doctor and the mechanic is not knowledgeable of the weaver's thing, vice versa. That is the most literal explanation we can cite but it is TRUE, indeed!

"Colds" Help Plus

Angel Reign is just months old when she got a cold, being a first-time mom, I am quite  unsure of the best thing that I can do to help her with her stuffy nose especially that she does not know how to blow her nose yet.

EDSA People's Power Revolution - 29th Anniversary

Today is the 29th Anniversary of EDSA Revolution. Being just six years old  February 25, 1986 - I never had that much understanding of the historical EDSA People's Power Revolution that restored democracy in the hands of our countrymen during Marcos regime.  I just witness the replay of some videos of its anniversary every year.

Experience as a "Teacher"

Thirty-five years in the world has proven to me that "experience" is the best  but indeed a harsh teacher. I had my share of it and meeting many people and hearing of their experiences too has convinced me more  about it. Why? 

Tips: Buying Longer-lasting Onions

In my years of going to the market as a full-time mom and a home-cook,  I have learned to recognize fresh meat, fruits or vegetables. And one of those I have observed and learned is about our favorite sauteing ingredient - the aromatic spice, the red and white onions.

Here are my tips on choosing the onions that last:

Home MUST-haves

A stress-free home environment is essential to a healthy-family living.  We can avoid panics and relieve stress and unwanted moods as well as save our family's health with these few things around.

Here are some important things every home must have:

Worthy Little Investment Tips: Gold Jewelries MUST-KNOW

Aside from being one of my favorite colors, Gold has been very appealing to me because of its value.  We invest on a lot of things that depreciate over time like gadgets - mobile phones, appliances trying to keep-up with the trend but as years gone by we will soon find out that those things do not have a value anymore all we have gained is satisfaction in using them, no long-term benefit at all.  It is time we pay some attention to Gold - in its famous form, jewelries.  Gold yearly appreciate in value unlike any other things we desire to buy.

Photo Source: OLX.ph

I remember buying my daughter a bracelet that just cost around two thousand four hundred pesos after maybe two years its value had almost doubled and then valued at three thousand nine hundred.  Same is true with the other jewelries I bought. A friend also told me that a bracelet she gave her husband on his birthday years ago that is valued at around two thousand then has jacked-up its value to ten thousand pesos after years - just pawned (pawning is usually half the market value depending on the appraiser, there are shops that appraises at 1/3 of the MV).

Gold is easy-money when you ran out of cash and on emergencies and the ATMs are off-line especially during Holidays that ATMs became quite hard to access. No requests, no shameful begging and the like; just bring to the pawnshop - it is right away liquidated to cash.

Here are some facts I learned from a jeweler friend in Cavite (Mrs. Yeye Zarco, the credit should be hers). Gold in colors:

"Kung Hei Fat Choy"

"Kung Hei Fat Choy" to our Chinese friends.  For us who are not so familiar with the way how our friends are celebrating the turn of the year, here are some facts:

- It is celebrated on the eve of the Chinese Calendar (New Year's Eve) up to the 15th day of the next month (falling between January 20 or 21-the Lantern Festival). The longest celebration in the Chinese calendar.

-They celebrate New Year as tribute to Gods and their ancestors.
-In China, it is also known as the "Spring Festival" and "Lunar New Year"

Let us understand it more: (I have employed colors for easy reading)

Reaction Paper: Social Discrimination (Ex-convicts)

I turned on the  tv around nine in the morning yesterday, airing currently is the "Mission Possible" hosted by Mr. Julius Babao - looks like it is in the middle of the documentary.  I had to find it in Youtube but I got only a clip, my internet access is not that good to load iwanttv.com to get the full episode.

A man at the age of fifty-two is working as a construction worker. In his interview, he is an ex-convict ...the man worked as a personal driver of a businessman that time he was only thirty-seven.

Math Aid Lesson 1: Getting the Equivalent Value of Fractions

Elementary Math:
APGM’s Lesson 1

How to Find the Equivalent Value of a Fraction

1/5 of 45 is _____  answer: 9

Easy Solution/Technique:

Use the denominator to skip count until you reach the given whole number.  Since the denominator tells us how many parts a whole has been divided.

To illustrate:

Full-charged Battery Alarm Android App

Hi, browsing on Google Play I have found this useful application. And I am using it now. You will never have to worry of your mobile phone's  battery ever again - that it would be damaged by overcharging. Your battery is protected.


The Coin that Speaks Aloud

When I was still a child I used to think that a single peso does not have any worth at all compared to a thousand-peso-bill.  That is how I recognize the value of a thing until my teacher in Camp Tinio High School, Mr. Cesar Legaspi (I had to give him back the credit he deserved) has opened up my mind in a class discussion one day.

 I can not remember the topic  that we are discussing on that moment that brought us talking about the Philippine's one-peso coin.  This story will prove to us that we never have to look at a status to see the value of things.

The one-peso coin circulating in the country today bears the face of the Philippines' National Hero - Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal.  I liked him so much that I even used "Patriot's Daughter" as my pen name in the school paper when I was in college.  So I felt a little sad that he is just seen in a peso coin although the country has this one-thousand paper bill -the highest of our currency's denominations.

Was he(Dr. Rizal) valued that low or was he being belittled by the Central Bank?

Answered Prayers

The world today is very chaotic, there is no safe place anymore.  Crimes just happen everywhere even in your own territory - in the comfort of your own home...God's people are taught to find peace in His nourishment.  We seek comfort on His side. We ask His elp.  We do that in praying. Here is how we should pray as the Holy Bible teaches.

Prayer Lay-out (in order)

1. Praise Him - God our Father.

2. Thank Him for the blessings (everything we are thankful of) - the family, the life, the material things etc.

Tips to Keep the Love Alive in Your Married Life

Missing those days you are just starting the family? Here are some tips to enliven the gloomy husband and wife relationship you are having:

Praise Your Spouse

-Say something that could brighten your spouse's day. The nice manicure, the neat coat and tie and the like.

Criticize in a Constructive Way

Reaction Paper: Fallen 44 (Mamasapano Massacre) Update

The hearing today just have some good outcome.  Relieved PNP Chief Allan Purisima (resigned) had now admitted that he held the responsibility on commanding the SAF at least, it is a "little" accomplishment as for now. He said guilt of the fact has pushed him to abdicate. Thanks for the wit of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.  Purisima can not anymore deny  his GREAT participation on the awful death of his 44 men. Still, there is no getting-back of what we had lost - the lives of our pitiful service men after recognizing who is to blame.  We are just merely diverting the public's emotions away from the real issue here.

Love Love Love Movies and Songs Suggestions

Here are some suggested movies to watch and music to search and download this time of the month, they are classic and old but still good to re-play, in no particular order:
Classic Movies to Watch:

Reaction Paper : Latest Telenovelas

I have previously watched telenovelas starting from the unforgettable Marimar, The Legal Wife, Temptation Wife, and now Two Wives - all depicting infidelity and affecting family values.  

FDLS Bulletin Board

For Your Information 

Updated 18 March 2015 3:01am
Philippine Time

My dear valued page visitors,

        Please be informed of my upcoming posts, the titles may not be final- I am still writing at the moment but at least you have the idea of what is coming. My topics just pops-out on my mind and as much as I can, I am trying to keep-up with the trend and current issues, that is why I was able to come-up with these temporary draft titles:

          1. Reaction Paper: Mamasapano Senate Probe/Board of Inquiry Report
I am reviewing the live streaming of the Senate Probe right at this dawn. The paper shall be finished before dinner tomorrow.

2. Reaction Paper: Quezon City Serial Robber and Rapist 

            3. Tagalized "English Lessons" on Grammar


The Real Essence of Love

Love...Love...Love... four days on the countdown to the worldwide-celebrated "Valentine's Day" by our beloved friends; planning dates, sometimes even wedding proposals, gifts and the like became customary. Love is literally in the air..the music on the radio, the advertisements, the greetings seen and heard.  The shopping malls and other establishments are all dressed-up in red with "cupids and hearts" hanging around.

There is this "Valentine" fever, I suppose. But, the most discussed and uttered word is nothing more than "LOVE". Different person defines love in various ways, depending on experiences and maybe sometimes expectations.

Health Benefits of Unprocessed Dark Cocoa aka Chocolate

We always hear of dark chocolates being good for the heart.  True, but do you know that here are about two times more antioxidant in an unprocessed  cocoa seed than the dark chocolate we can buy in packages from stores? Being processed, cocoa looses 90% of polyphenols/flavanoids when roasted.
Photo by Mister GC from freedigitalphotos.net

Polyphenols are chemicals from plants that had been proven to have significant health benefits that could prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetis and high blood pressure according to the American  Cancer Society (Livestrong.com).

Health Benefits of Eating Dark Cocoa Backed by Scientific Studies:

How to Keep Flowers Fresh for Long

Years ago, I have learned some tips from a florist in Dangwa, Philippines on how should flowers can be kept for longer even it is not a bud anymore.  I have kept the flowers for three more days. I bought the flowers November 2, only means the flowers are just leftover from the November 1 occasion - the flowers have been picked from the farm a few days earlier.  As the owner told me their farm is in Baguio.
photo by Markuso from freedigitalphotos.net

I had to believe the flower shop owner can truly help me preserve it longer as I needed them on my wedding on the 5th of November.  The flowers are long stemmed red and white roses (I chose the once that are still in bud and a few in bloom) I bought around sixty dozens. And this is what I have been taught and it is effective, I just followed it religiously. 

Lesson II : Confusing Plural Form of Some Nouns

There are still few nouns that are a little confusing when changed to their plural form.  These are some that I remember:

                                            Ox =  is NOT oxes 

Mothers MUST Know

Hi, how are you friends?  I have been reminded of a long-time/past incident on my
Me & Angel 7 yrs ago
eldest child that prompted me to write about this.  I think I should share this to you for you to be able to be more cautious with your children. Since this article is quite long, I have employed colors to help you avoid confusion on where you are reading ...

The Incident
My Angel Reign is about three years old then, a happy-go-lucky child who loves to
video herself on my mobile phone.  Just like you, I am always busy with the household chores and just glancing at her most of the times while washing the dishes etc.  A neighbor's child arrived and play with her, a boy who is around seven years old.  

Manila Zoo Family Trip

This is a little late, we have visited the zoo on the 5th of November 2013.  The whole family is in - me, my husband and our two daughters.  It is within our Family Week's  vacation.

Riana Ysobel & Angel Reign 

According to my research, the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden was inaugurated in July 1959. This six hectares zoo is located in Adriatico St., Malate, Manila.

With "Malik", the elephant

Help Build Your Child's First Vocabulary

Babies' brain development starts inside the womb.  We can read books, pamphlets and most of the times pediatricians or ob-gyne recommend that we listen to classical music like Mozart Effect during and after pregnancy.  Listening to such kind of music is also advised for children while they are sleeping.

       Riana's Medals & Ribbons
      in Pre-elem 
Angel Reign emerged as the Champion in English
District Quiz both in Grade III
(Buenavista District 2013) and Grade IV - Mono-grade (Calauag District 2014)

After I bought a Mozart Effect CD I immediately transferred its content to my PC (CDs easily get scratches and does not last long) and have it installed on phone's memory too.  From the time my eldest (Angel Reign) is months old in my womb I am listening to that music and I have made it a lullaby on her every night sleep-and I did the same to Riana Ysobel. And to add to their first vocabulary, I would suggest the following based on my true-to-life experiences as a mom:

1. Start pointing things around to your child - saying the name of each thing. Like the pillow, blanket,

Practical Dress Make-over Tip

Do not throw your child's old dress. You can actually save and recycle.  Here is a fabulous dress make-over  tip.

1. Choose which part of the dress is still in good condition.  Whether it is the "torso part" or the "skirt part" you wanted to recycle.   

2. Once you are ready, head to cloth shop for a cloth with color that matches the part you wanted to save like in my case,I have chosen to save the "skirt part" which is Gold in color. I go for a printed cloth with streaks of Gold to harmonize the color. I bought just 1/2 yard for my child's size.

Google Plus Versus Facebook

At first, I have not heard about g+ (Google Plus) and the very first social network I have joined before is Facebook.

Signing in for a G-mail account gives everyone access to Google Plus since Google has this "one account for all accounts"  - Youtube, Blogger, and G-mail are all Google's property.  You are instantly given privilege to edit an automatically existing g+ account that is why I learned it.  I am curious about the little icons at the top of my g-mail account seeing the g+ button wonder what is it for. 

Google+ Followers

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