Tips: Buying Longer-lasting Onions

In my years of going to the market as a full-time mom and a home-cook,  I have learned to recognize fresh meat, fruits or vegetables. And one of those I have observed and learned is about our favorite sauteing ingredient - the aromatic spice, the red and white onions.

Here are my tips on choosing the onions that last:

- Pick the ones that are still firm to touch.

- Just by looking, you can pick-out the lasting   ones. 

Look at the "neck" on top of the onion bulb where the leaves/shoots are cut.

See the upper neck-part,
it is tighter/narrower and dry, it will last longer.

That neck part must be closed and tight, narrower in diameter.  The larger the neck and the more open it is, the shorter its shelf life.

- Must be DRY. Just by looking, it is also obvious.

I suppose that it is probably because when it is not tight moisture easily penetrates the bulb -  bacteria and molds can easily multiply causing the rotting.  

Here is a photo of what I called wide-necked look of an onion.  The part where the onion shoot/leaves are sprouting is not tight:

These onions will not last long 
(see the necks are not that tight), not looking dry either.

I hope to have provided you with vital information about onions.  It is more practical to buy in bulk than in retail like in half or a kilogram. For that reason you have to see each one by one to check if it will last longer.

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