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It is just around an hour and minutes before the New Year in my country, it's 10:16 in the evening here in the Philippines. Take care and have a safe New Year celebration...

Solar-Powered Light Review

If you are going on a camping, it is wise to bring battery-operated flashlights or lamps but do you know that there is something more practical than that? Since battery’s availability would be impossible in forests or mountains where you sometimes go for a hike or camping, it is not that very advisable unless you have got a box of battery with you or that a bit costly power-bank.  And if you want to want to cut-cost on your overhead expense like electricity this gadget would also be practical.

I recommend this SOLAR-powered lamp, not so well-known brand here in my country, I think a product from China but it is really worth buying. So cheap at a cost of around US $ 6-7 (PhP 350.00), I have been using mine for more than a year. That means its useful life over the price is nearly just a dollar cent if amortized on its useful life! And it is still useful until now. 

I reviewed this product on my own, to be honest, I have not dared to contact any Company, as long as I am satisfied with the item itself – they need not know I have endorsed their product. What pushed me to review this product is to give you my dear readers - the economy and safety you well-deserved.

My recommendations:

The solar light bulb is consists of LED lights in a pyramid-shaped holder.

Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal – Philippines' National Hero

Dr. Rizal is a medical doctor (an ophthalmologist) by profession, a genius that speaks a couple of languages, and is born from a well-to-do family. His life could have been more enjoyable IF he just practice medicine, he had all the chances to live a luxurious life with a family of his own and even tour the world – that is all ‘what ifs’, because History told us of his patriotism instead. He has helped our ancestors see and realize that this land is ours and we can not be slaves in our own country.


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