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Updated 18 March 2015 3:01am
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My dear valued page visitors,

        Please be informed of my upcoming posts, the titles may not be final- I am still writing at the moment but at least you have the idea of what is coming. My topics just pops-out on my mind and as much as I can, I am trying to keep-up with the trend and current issues, that is why I was able to come-up with these temporary draft titles:

          1. Reaction Paper: Mamasapano Senate Probe/Board of Inquiry Report
I am reviewing the live streaming of the Senate Probe right at this dawn. The paper shall be finished before dinner tomorrow.

2. Reaction Paper: Quezon City Serial Robber and Rapist 

            3. Tagalized "English Lessons" on Grammar


The Real Essence of Love

Love...Love...Love... four days on the countdown to the worldwide-celebrated "Valentine's Day" by our beloved friends; planning dates, sometimes even wedding proposals, gifts and the like became customary. Love is literally in the air..the music on the radio, the advertisements, the greetings seen and heard.  The shopping malls and other establishments are all dressed-up in red with "cupids and hearts" hanging around.

There is this "Valentine" fever, I suppose. But, the most discussed and uttered word is nothing more than "LOVE". Different person defines love in various ways, depending on experiences and maybe sometimes expectations.

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