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It is just around an hour and minutes before the New Year in my country, it's 10:16 in the evening here in the Philippines. Take care and have a safe New Year celebration...

Solar-Powered Light Review

If you are going on a camping, it is wise to bring battery-operated flashlights or lamps but do you know that there is something more practical than that? Since battery’s availability would be impossible in forests or mountains where you sometimes go for a hike or camping, it is not that very advisable unless you have got a box of battery with you or that a bit costly power-bank.  And if you want to want to cut-cost on your overhead expense like electricity this gadget would also be practical.

I recommend this SOLAR-powered lamp, not so well-known brand here in my country, I think a product from China but it is really worth buying. So cheap at a cost of around US $ 6-7 (PhP 350.00), I have been using mine for more than a year. That means its useful life over the price is nearly just a dollar cent if amortized on its useful life! And it is still useful until now. 

I reviewed this product on my own, to be honest, I have not dared to contact any Company, as long as I am satisfied with the item itself – they need not know I have endorsed their product. What pushed me to review this product is to give you my dear readers - the economy and safety you well-deserved.

My recommendations:

The solar light bulb is consists of LED lights in a pyramid-shaped holder.

Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal – Philippines' National Hero

Dr. Rizal is a medical doctor (an ophthalmologist) by profession, a genius that speaks a couple of languages, and is born from a well-to-do family. His life could have been more enjoyable IF he just practice medicine, he had all the chances to live a luxurious life with a family of his own and even tour the world – that is all ‘what ifs’, because History told us of his patriotism instead. He has helped our ancestors see and realize that this land is ours and we can not be slaves in our own country.


Congratulations Miss Universe 2015

Idiom Decoded: 'in black and white'

Here is another Idiom used in a sentence and the real meaning elaborated, you can find similar posts like this on the 'Idioms Decoded' page of this blog. Click on that page title on the page category found on the right sidebar.

We can hear this from movies - sometimes an employee was requested to provide a resignation letter in black and white after he said to have mentioned he is quitting job.

Birthday Greeting

Me and my daughters would like to greet my mama today, Dec.28 (Philippine time) - the ever brave and strong-willed mother who survived being a single-parent to me and my brother...

Idiom Decoded: 'In the Flesh'

Idiomatic Expressions (talinhaga in Filipino language) – are phrases or words that does NOT imply or talk about LITERAL (word per word) meaning.

One of those idioms is:

The Importance of a Product Review

A Product Review is a marketing tool to promote an item recommended by a market research evaluator/brand influencer. A blog webmaster like yours truly can be an evaluator, I passed the training and qualification exams provided by Bare International and also available free lance.  It does not matter whether the blog or website has been on the web for long or not. Google (and other search engines) will direct the searchers of a particular product or brand when correct meta tags have been made for the post.

Product Review versus Product Advertisement

What has a ‘Product Review’?

1. An evaluator/client invited to try or test the product.

A company invites a blogger to review their product or service. The company is automatically required to provide a FREE sample of the product for the evaluator for testing or if a restaurant/hotel/resort – a free all-in accommodation to get that customer experience that needs to get published online plus a cash remuneration for the blog post the evaluator shall publish online for the product or brand – the cash is for the trouble and time to write a post and for the space on the blogger’s website/blog.

How Do Blogs Earn?

Pay-per-click Advertising

Blogs earn through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  As for me I have a Google Publisher ID which entitles me for Google Adsense ads.  All the advertisements displayed on this blog is provided by Google Adsense. In every article/content Google Adsense displays related ads – if for example the article is about Shoes, shoes will be put on display from sellers/companies all over.

Hear Angel Reign Sings

Here is the link in my Youtube channel, it can be uploaded here because the size exceeds the allowed to be posted here. Click here to watch and hear her Angel Reign Sings

We will be happy to hear your comments to improve her talent more. Thanks a lot for watching her video.

Learn Filipino: Daily Conversations I

Here is another lesson in learning Filipino language.  

As for example sentence #1 (see the image below):

You will notice that 'you' is translated as 'ka' and NOT as 'ikaw' in Tagalog/Filipino.  

It is wrong to say "Saan ikaw pupunta?" - it sounds like a talking toddler :)

That is  because 'you' is not used as subject in the sentence like in the pronouns 'I' and 'me' in the English Language. 'I' is more appropriate to use as subject and as object of the verb (going) - it shall be altered to  'me' - same is true with Filipino. When  the  personal pronoun serves as the receiver of action it acts as object - it is rightful to use 'ka' or 'mo' as possessive pronoun.

Idiom Decoded: 'Crying Over Spilled Milk'

Idiomatic Expressions (talinhaga in Filipino language) – are phrases or words that does NOT imply or talk about LITERAL (word per word) meaning.

One of those idioms is:

This phrase means ‘to regret about anything that cannot be changed or undone. Meaning, to wish that a thing has not been said or done just to result in an UNFORTUNATE outcome. ‘Crying’  represents ‘being sorry for’ or ‘grieving’ because of what happened. ‘spilled milk’ here resembles ‘a good chance’ that has passed or slipped away.  We are talking more about connotations of each word not literal sense when we say Idioms. ‘Over’ only means about.

Enjoying FDLS Mag on Your Mobile Phones Tip

I viewed this website on a mobile phone and found out that yes it is responsive - the site fits to the phone, tablets' screen perfectly but the 'PAGE CATEGORIES'  and the 'OTHER TOPICS' navigation tools do not show-up. I highly recommend it be viewed on WEB VERSION - the button is located at the bottom of the post/posts - just click an the whole page with the complete details appear. You can now select the topics you wanted to read about. 

There are a lot more post on every page category only 10 posts are shown on a page. Click older posts at the bottom of the last post (means if a page contains 100 posts - 10 pages are available for viewing).

Shortcut Keys

Taking time inserting these two letters on your keyboard? Others usually get it from the 'symbols' in 'Insert' tool but here is an easy way:

MUST-know Abbreviations

We seldom read and see these most commonly-used abbreviations and we just get accustomed to what response we should give or at a first glance we really do not have any idea at all.  I hope this simple reminder and lesson will somehow  help you out friends and be confident enough to give a reply or comment.

FYI     =          For Your Information - spelled-out 
                        Seen on bulletin boards of companies, organizations to post updates of all sort.

Learn Filipino: Correct Usage I

In writing or speaking my native language Filipino, it is wrong to translate words literally because it may sometimes appear funny or 'barok' in Tagalog. Here is among the wrong translations and the way to say them correctly.

Please give it a plus or re-share this post if you happen to like it or learn from it. I will soon upload videos on correct way to read and speak Filipino. Have a great day everyone.

English-Tagalized Accounting Lesson: FIFO/LIFO Methods

Cost Accounting

 ‘First In, First Out’ (FIFO) method of accounting for inventory
That means the first supply you have purchased will be sold before selling the new arrival. 

Kung anong unang binili siyang unang ibebenta.

For example here is what makes-up our current stocks inventory:

Halimbawa ito ang nilalaman ng paninda mo na binili mo sa mga sumusunod na puhunang halaga:

10 pcs.  pillows  bought @  P50.00 each Oct. 30
15 pcs. pillows bought @ P70.00 each Nov. 15

15 pillows were sold. 
Nakabenta ng 15 pillows.

That means our computation would be adding the following inventory costs:

Ang pagkukuwenta natin ay ang total ng mga sumusunod na halaga mula sa ating imbentaryo:

10 x      P  50.00   coming from Oct.30 stocks (mula sa binili natin nuong Oct.30)
5 x             70.00   coming from Nov.15 (mula sa binili natin ng Nov.15)

Writing an Authorization Letter

From time to time there are inevitable situations that we can not personally go out to fetch some important documents we needed. We choose to delegate the task to our close friend or relative, for that -to save time and effort or make sure that the acquisition could be accomplished, one needs to bring an Authorization Letter for his transaction to be honored in case the real document owner will not be present during the application process. Here is a help, I made you a sample:

'Confusing Words' Hacks

Here are three pairs of words we sometimes interchanged when writing sentences. 

 - denotes ownership or possession, always precedes/come before a noun.

your car (you own the car)
your attaché case (you own the attaché case)
- your grandchild
- your company

Three Ways to Shorten Words or Phrases

- are shortened words formed by deleting some of its letters with the replacement of a period.

- mostly used to address people’s occupation/political rank/educational attainment- usually starts with a capital letter WHEN preceding a proper noun.

- when occurring in a sentence without a proper name that comes after, it is just written in lower case.


Dr. = doctor
Engr. =  engineer
Gov. = governor
Col. = colonel

Divisoria 'Change' Modus

If you plan to shop in Divisoria - the best shopping destination in the Philippines terms of pricing, wholesale or retail - here is something you should be aware of not to become victims of this modus:

Kung nagplaplano kang mamili sa Divisoria - ang pinakamurang bilihan dito sa atin bultohan man o tingi, kailangan mong malaman ang modus na ito para huwag kang mabiktima ng mga kawatan:

Here is the modus also in Tagalog/Filipino:

- I bought something, my change was given.
   May binili ako. Iniabot na ang sukli ko.

- I was about to keep the change in my bag when a man approached me (I think he is with the vendor   the way they interacted)

  Itatago ko na sana nang may lumapit na mama sa tingin ko kasamahan nung nagtitinda.

Modus sa Kalsada ng Metro Manila

Huwag na huwag kang maglalakad ng solo sa Pasay, Rotonda at malamang sa ibang kalye sa ka-Maynila-an. Narito ang isang modus na dapat mong malaman. Nangyari ito ilang taon na ang nakalilipas, malamang nagsitanda na ang mga suspek o minana na ng mga anak nila ang istilong ito.

Ang istilo:

May lalapit na babae at lalaki bigla ka nang aawayin at sasabihing binastos mo daw ang nobya niya, ipagsisigawan nila iyon. Makakatawag ng atensiyon sa mga dumadaan pero hindi sila magtatangkang tumulong sa iyo kasi ang pagkaalam ay nambastos ka nga. 

May lalapit nakadamit estudyante, kakausapin ka kunwari. May mga tatlo o apat katao paliligiran o tatakpan ka. Malalaman mo na kasabwat pala sila lahat. 

APEC 2015

These are the APEC Economic Leaders’ Declarations and my opinions and interpretation on it.
Naririto ang ipinangakong commitment at deklarasyon ng mga bumubuong lider sa APEC summit.

-Condemns all act of terrorism. Stressed the need for urgent international cooperation on the fight against terrorism.

Ang mga lider ng APEC lahat ay laban sa mga gawa ng terrorismo. Binigyang-diin ang pagtutulungan sa paglaban sa terrorismo.

-Eradicating internal poverty is among their solutions

One deep root of terrorism is poverty.  Internal o r within the country eradication of poverty by empowering every individual and encouraging t participate in business not just remain content with being employed.

Naniniwala ang mga lider ng bawat bansang kasapi sa APEC na isa ang kahirapan sa malalim na ugat ng terorismo.

Ang pagsugpo sa kahirapan sa loob ng isang bansa sa pamamagitan ng pagpapalakas sa mga indibidwal at paghikayat sa kanila na magnegosyo at huwag lamang maging kuntento na maging ordinaryong empleyado.

-Address inequality to make prosperity happen.

True, having prosperity in just a particular region does not mean over-all development. This ensures that no one is being left-out, whatever sector in the society, trade or industry and population.  There is still this so called discrimination with our Muslim brothers – that they were preferred last when applying for jobs , others get desperate to live that choose to join the leftists not being given fair chances  for a job.

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