Tagaytay Dream House for SALE

A pre-owned home just a few hours away from Metro Manila and adjacent to Dasmarinas, Cavite. Next to Baguio in terms of good cold weather, a scenic view of the Taal Lake and a real resting place for your family. Royale Estates Tagaytay is secured with 24-hour security.

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Jose Rizal: Philippines' National Hero

Why are we celebrating Rizal Day on December 30 and not on his birthdate on June 19? We often thought of celebrating a person’s being on one’s birthday, Dr. Jose P. Rizal being our National Hero – we remember his death.  Because on that day he died a hero.

Why he deserved to be our National Hero? Dr. Rizal displayed not only courage, strength, brainpower but also a noble heart of hero, indeed!  The revolutionary saga by our brave forefathers like Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo and his men can be considered as the result of Dr. Rizal’s mind-opening expedition.  The BOUNTY is of course our Liberty.

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