Duterte is NOT Hitler

It is my daily habit to watch the News to be updated on the current issues about my country and even the international community.  I listen and watched only the trusted NEWS AUTHORITIES and presenters who received various recognitions locally and even from Readers’ Digest Asia. To be able to give worthy opinion or reaction, I deeply believe I should filter my resources carefully – that is my advocacy as a writer.

I hate the fact that our President is being identically compared to the heartless(?!) German, Adolf Hitler who had made the ‘Holocaust’ ( read see and click this link = you can read Holocaust by Wikipedia part of the History. The Jewish organization is but right in telling the victims of the Holocaust should not be likened to drug addicts there are even children. Yes, that is right there is nowhere in the context of the President’s recent speech that they are being called as such.  The Prexy was just insulted that the international media compared him to Hitler – to reiterate, he is ordering the killing of millions of innocent people (men, women and children) for a selfish reason (?!).

Why are We Not Celebrating Christmas

Many people thought that because we do not celebrate Christmas, we do not value or give importance to the existence of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hear it from me, a certified member of the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo) – that is absolutely wrong! In fact, the church I belonged to bear our Lord Jesus Christ’s name that is one great way to show we adore and worship him. 

Tagaytay Dream House for SALE

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Jose Rizal: Philippines' National Hero

Why are we celebrating Rizal Day on December 30 and not on his birthdate on June 19? We often thought of celebrating a person’s being on one’s birthday, Dr. Jose P. Rizal being our National Hero – we remember his death.  Because on that day he died a hero.

Why he deserved to be our National Hero? Dr. Rizal displayed not only courage, strength, brainpower but also a noble heart of hero, indeed!  The revolutionary saga by our brave forefathers like Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo and his men can be considered as the result of Dr. Rizal’s mind-opening expedition.  The BOUNTY is of course our Liberty.

Reaction on Marcos' Burial

First of all, I respect the claiming victims of the Martial Law.  But above it, I respect the decision of the -Supreme Court.  We have the SC to settle issues that matter to our country that are deemed to be irresolvable by the lower courts or even issues that may put the people’s trust in the existing government in peril.

Being sensationalized are the victims who are said to be tortured during captivity, this is not to imply anything bad – BUT where are they when arrested for questioning? Are not they in the middle of protests (that most of the times become violently aggressive?). These testimonies had instill hatred and caused many of our fellow Pinoys rushing in the streets to rally, we can not also discount the social media reactions.

Our country is democratic, everyJuan can be heard.  BUT, democracy became boundless, unrespectable of the Government. The ones who threaten governance and incite sedition destabilize the country which has riffling effect in the economy.  BUT STILL, there is no license given to authorities to abduct, torture or murder implicated suspects. It is saddening to hear the unfortunate stories.

‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’ (Heroes’ Cemetery) is known to be the burial site of those who died in government service – soldiers, cops, and even former Presidents.  There is no requirements like medals, list of accomplishments needed to qualify as prescribed by the Law, no wonder why the Supreme Court favored Marcos Burial.

Useful Link:

The once given to the former President can not be called ‘Heroes Burial’, he was just accorded based on his former rank in government. What is circulating around are just personal assumptions hearing that former President FE Marcos is buried in a cemetery with ‘HERO’ on its name (‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’ is ‘Heroes’ Cemetery’ in English). Why had most of the protesters had taken the cemetery’s name heartily? We have heard of a legislator who suggested to RENAME the cemetery – just to give justice (?!) to both sides and to stop the nonsense clamor this issue has brought to the nation, the international community is seeing it on the news.  This can hamper our economy, even the personal lives of these people who are spending time they could have spent at work or with their families.

Burying a former President in LNB did not change History BUT the literal burial address, let us grow-up.  If you are an educator, do not teach little children to protest, they have no clear picture of it and they can only be influenced by anybody who wants to inject ideas on them. They still do not have convictions of their own – I was distraught seeing on the NEWS elementary students of a private school protesting (either the teacher wanted to be seen on tv or she just wanted a rest day of teaching?!).

Who had started the MYTH that burying Marcos in LNB changes History?! That is exaggerated.  Nothing changes but the MERE BURIAL ADDRESS!  History is called such because it is in the PAST.  Where or in what dictionary or encyclopedia that the word ‘history’ is defined as ‘present’?! How can History already written in the books and instilled in the minds of the people may be changed in a wink of an eye by the present situation when it has passed? Are they nuts?! We are not in the movie where we can adventurously go back to the past.  Spelling PAST and PRESENT is totally different – what more their MEANING?! The facts remain the same ONLY the burial itself is NEW. What we do today will just be PART of History tomorrow. It does NOT have the POWER to INFLUENCE what has happened in the past. What will be added to Philippine History in the future? Marcos was buried in LNB that date, NO MORE. He did not become a hero nor erases his bad or good deeds either. He was just a former President of the Republic.

Philippines' Bilibid Drug Trade

An inquiry on Bilibid Drug Trade done ‘In aid of Legislation’ which means to help the legislators create laws in support of altering the existing condition of the prison system in the country and  NOT ‘of prosecution’ that is why most of the resource persons (esp. convicted drug personalities) were given immunity – whatever they have to reveal will not be used against them in court.

The recently concluded House Committee Hearing on Bilibid Drug Trade has yielded the REALITY behind drug proliferation in our country.  Summing it up:

Leniently manning the Authoritative Posts in running and supervising the National Prison (specifically Bilibid) has made drug trade inevitably existing mainly from the prisons as source point of transactions in the whole country. 

It was also concluded that Chinese Drug Lords are the main suppliers – finding out about floating drug laboratories in ships on sea dropping it off in large sealed heavy enough to sink containers to be fished-out by direct traders therein, it does not pass the scrutinizing of port authorities to be freely circulating around the country. What a wise tactic!

- Corruption in the System
Jayvee Sebastian, who is convicted of another case than drug-related was believed to be the latest frontrunner of the Drug Trade admittedly stated that the main culprit of the drug menace in the country is CORRUPTION from the lowest to the highest in ranks of the supposedly security guardians as well as administrative officials that instead of catching them while trading drugs had become their cohorts getting ‘payola’ bribe.

- Greed and Dirty Politics                       
National Bilibid Prison (NBP) is under the supervision of the Department of Justice, 

direct management of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCorr) with the intervention of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), and Crime Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).  If these government agencies will be headed by unscrupulous people like what has allegedly happened during De Lima’s tenure as DOJ Secretary, the result is WORST – like where we are in right now.
- Connivance of Authorities
If there is no connivance anything would not be possible, there will always be the stop point but it is not hindered even by the Department of Justice.
It all boils down to corruption.

Generated Solutions

Signal Jammer
Because it was discovered that cellular phones can be brought-in secretly in many ways you can not imagine – in a slipper a whole cut beneath its back to fit the phone is really badly creative. DOJ Sec. Vitaliano Aguirre mentioned the recent acquisition of a costly but more powerful jammer.  The only setback is its effect on the surrounding community outside prison area - affecting phone signal.

Do Not Throw the Bikes, Please

I have watched a documentary showing Japan’s and US problem on disposing bicycles.  See these videos showing what I am telling you.

Abandoned Bikes in Japan by Softypapa

I hope Japan can see the children in the rural areas in the country who are walking kilometers a day just to go to school when they are just throwing bicycles. I learned from the documentary that Japan citizens are abandoning bicycles in the train stations not wanting to pay for garbage collectors that impose separate fine for junked bikes. Contrary to that disposal, those bicycles sell like hotcakes in Japan Surplus shops around the country especially the folding bikes that is very compact to carry around in your car.

Our Favorite Wafer Stick

My daughters Angel and Riana loves chocolate wafer stick. I buy them in canister, worth PhP 110.00 (US $ 4-50. But I always remind them not to munch on excessively because two among the widespread market brands are really sweet.

I never thought that there is this really super-delicious brand that can capture even an adult taste bud – would you believe that this wafer stick cutlets become one of the CAUSES for me and my daughters bonding moments?! I usually do not mind them consuming all the wafer sticks I bought but NOW, they have to divide the contents in three (that includes me!).

Parenting the Only Child

Practical parents knew the importance of family planning especially those who are living in the middle class and below economic status. Although budgeting is a lot easier than having two or more children to account for, parenting in the real sense of the word may be really complicated having an only child.  There are things to put in consideration in raising the ‘only child’:

Boosting Emotional Strength

Inevitably, being the only child – he becomes the center of everybody’s attention. The scenario would be - there is always someone to look after him, do something for him, bring him presents and gifts and he is even showered with so much attention that in some way or another teaches him to be emotionally dependent.

Adversities even small become too much to bear being confronted alone. Emotional strength comes from ability to control one’s emotion, create logical decisions and choices – parents would not go wrong to regulate some circumstances to avoid such weakness surface in your child’s upbringing.

Mosquito Net Organizing Tip

If you are still using the conventional mosquito net (the ones with four corners that you have to suspend), we used to fold it like clothes where it really does not look great and it even falls out of place. 

Now, here is a trick to keep your bed neatly organized while you have it around. 

My Two Best Deodorizing Soap Brands

#1 Avon’s Deodorizing Soap

I find this soap really amazing, it really refreshes and easily eliminates body odors – that acidic smell we all abhor. Before going to bed at night or you can make it your daily soap companion too.

Bath Soap as Stain Remover

Because of the hot weather in our country these days, it is very likely for us to sweat and sometimes smell foul.  

I tried chlorine and other commercial bleach for white and colored clothes but still this works far better like miracle.  You would not have to wash the clothes till it is worn out like what I am doing before – my husband’s barongs and polo – especially those that are made from delicate fabric gets older and soon get torn on the neckline. Know the secret and how to's :

First 100 Days of President Duterte

Philippines as Independent Nation

The President never wanted the official residence of the country’s president to be called Malacañan Palace anymore, he wants it more to be called ‘Palace of the People’ instead. I agree with him when he said that it is not even of Filipino Language origin – a true heirloom from our previous Spanish colonizers.  He has been consistent with his ideal of the Philippines as Independent Nation – same is true with his plans of us making our very own International Foreign Policy.

That is also obvious with his objections and anger when other rulers try to degrade him with words/accusations – as he said he is not just a city Mayor now, he is now the country’s President!  He is but right to do that because those who pretend to be friends speaks on his back about their unsolicited comments when they could have meet personally and could have discussed it then for him to have defended his nationalistic efforts of conserving the future generation of our homeland.

In fairness with President Obama, MAYBE he really has no intentions of meddling with our affairs – it so happened that a representative of a media in a press con has asked his opinion about EJK.  If many had opined that Pres. Duterte should have been cautious of his words – the MORE caution must be exercised by the President of the deemed to be most powerful nation in the world.  His words could have influenced a lot of people worldwide – and IF he happens to misconceived what is really happening here, it would damage our President’s reputation as well as the senate’s and even the country as a whole. Because, his opinion is not based on FACTS and the real situation; it may IMPLY that we CONDONE IF THERE IS INJUSTICE and us Filipinos are blindly adoring the President. He is merely looking at the surface and maybe one of those who wanted to believe that all the killings are attributable to the administration disregarding the MIGHT of the syndicates running drugs as well as those who had been connected and protectors who were publicly exposed that could possibly be among the suspects who get those drug personalities dead so their dark secrets can be hidden forever.

It is but right for the President to stand his ground and speak-out and be furious about the baseless comments. Remember two policemen daily also dies in the drug campaign IF THE GOVERNMENT runs the drug campaign on its own liking there would never be a dead policeman nor a relieved men in duty. There is still justice prevailing in this country, if the president is a real killer – I think De Lima has not reached the senate because of her endless accusations or even Matobato- the ‘witness’ that even a lie detector machine will fail, what more to the members of the legislative body who are mostly lawyers in educational attainment.

The President may be TOO HONEST with his feelings towards those involved in drugs. And for his first 100 Days, he is brave enough to answer those who wanted us to ‘keep our mouth shut and bowing’ all the time.

The Launch of the National Complaints Hotline 8888

This VERY HELPFUL hotline was established to answer the public’s need for faster, reliable and ZERO-QUEUE service from public/government employees remunerated from their paid taxes.

It was known to have hasten processing of personal documents obtained from various government agencies such as NSO (Birth/Marriage/CENOMARCertificates) , LTO (Driver’s Licenses, Renewal of Vehicle Registration), NBI (NBI Clearance)etc. The became USUAL queuing of people from inside the offices to the adjacent street roads with duration from two hours to even days had become less than an hour to finish although you have to come back not later than TWO-THREE days after for the document,  not like before that you are there for that long and then asked to come back spending time, effort and money just to be told TO COME BACK AGAIN.

I think few months of adjustment from the pending jobs received by each government agency can soon make way for the INSTANT release of documents in the future.  It is understandable that they had to finish the backlog from the ‘turtle-like service’ they are providing before that no matter how they deny it or whatever alibis they have, had become the system in here in our home land . I am really hopeful that what the President wanted to see and experience by the public is the REAL use of modern technology – COMPUTERS – I remember him saying in one of his speeches that if a government agency can not act FAST having computers in their offices, they should junk them because there is no difference at all compared to not having one around.

Having the hotline, every public servant is guaranteed to please every Filipino because IF NOT, expect that it will no longer be tolerated. The Civil Service Commission is the frontrunner for the complaints hotline.

Challenge for the Dignified Teachers

May I pour my thoughts about the teachers I recently met these days? Teachers had always been good influencers and I can never forget the greatest of the teachers I had back then. Mrs. Sonia Bruan-Santiago (THE IV), , Mrs. Luzviminda Miguel (VE VI), Mrs. Juanita Lagmay(Gr6), Mrs. Andaya (THE I), Mr. Nestor Londerio (Physics IV HS), Mrs. Minerva Ranieses (Eng. Prof.), Mrs. Helen Bulatao (Dean /Acctg. Prof., Mrs. Remedios Ala (Gr3 Eng.), Dr. Regino Paular (Current Issues). 

These are not so good things that are needed to be said to challenge the teachers of our new generation.  It will be up to them to take this negatively or positively to improve themselves and abhor such deeds mentioned here.

The Quiz Bee Cheat-chers?!

Contrary to what others might suppose on my divulging of this hateful fact, I wanted to help ignite back the integrity of SOME of our noble teachers. I do not have any idea if whether winning on quiz bees give them, teachers, extra points or promotion because SOME but NOT ALL are staking their pride and honor just to help their coached students WIN.

This is what I have observed in the recently concluded Quiz Bee my daughters  had participated in:
1. A teacher coached a  student (maybe on the same school she is in –because not only now I met the student and teacher tandem, they represent Science V last year and they obviously cheated then too but landed only 3rd). You know why, because I recorded the whole competition on video and they found it difficult to signal.

The student always glance on that teacher before she answers, the Easy and Average levels are to be answered with letter of choice ONLY which is 20 points when totaled if I am not mistaken. The wise teacher, pulled her chair back to where my camera can not caught her and she just moved her chair when the two rounds are finished because dictating or signaling complete words on the difficult round is not easy that is why she stopped there.  I noticed that she only helps in the first two rounds. Glad that they were not able to make it to the top2 then.

This year, the tandem have succeeded, the student ranked 1st this time, it so happened that my digicam is not prepared – low battery and I left the memory card for longer recording time, there is no way I can video them.  The teacher sat just one seat apart from that same student last year. Now, she whispered every letter of the correct answer, I was able to read her lips when it opens – it will be too many to call it coincidence. The wise teacher noticed that I was staring at her and the student with a long hair – glancing all the time to her or listens to her every dictation. I only learned she is the TIMER when she softly uttered ‘STOP’ that is just when she felt I was guarding her. What she did is whispering while pretending to look at her phone or writing on a piece of paper – I do not know if she is also writing every letter of the answer. But mouthing letters a, b or c or the word stop moves one’s lips differently that is why I am precisely sure she is dictating answers and you really would not notice she is timing the Quiz at first because she only started talking a little louder when she noticed me. I knew almost all the answers because it took me huge time writing the Science reviewer for my child aside from what her teacher has provided. I just thought before that she is just there to observe the competition but…imagine one seat apart from the student, she is facing the door while seating on the last column.  The student sat in the column before her, facing the blackboard. The distance is only the narrow aisle that is approximately one seat away. Imagine 14points out of total score that brought her in the advantage of around 6-8pts from the 2nd placer is obtained from cheating! I felt sad to the 2nd and 3rd placer who have exhausted efforts on reviewing just to be cheated, it so happened that my daughter’s score this time is far from winning, I chose to keep silent.  I thanked the situation because if not, I would not keep my mouth shut and expose the cheater oh, I mean teacher and the pretending-to-be winner student.  How can they managed to accept medal without honor at all, they knew for themselves that it does not belong to them.  That is why I could not help mentioning to the other spectators that the 2nd and 3rd placer are more deserving of the medals.

This became so rampant that Angel became a victim too last year on a different district here in Quezon province.

1. The students were asked to share a number of questions representing their respective schools English IV, I forgot if it is one or two questions each.

2. The Quiz Master seated at the back of the seat rows doing her thing while maybe an ‘intern’ or assistant (not wearing uniform) asked everyone to put their share of question in the box in front of the blackboard. Each question has the answer provided to guide the Quiz Master.

Reaction on Extra-Judicial Killings

I am deeply saddened that the United Nations has not observed and investigated before haphazardly taking side on the issue of what is Senator de Lima has dubbed as ‘Extra-judicial Killings’. She should not consider the PNP’s statistics to be all EJKs because investigations have to be conducted before branding. Here are among the most controversial cases that I also condemned:

And the PNP are immediately acting upon those policemen who were involved in such questionable ‘performance of duties’ , in fact the two who has shot killed two arrested drug pushers (father and son in Pasay) inside the precinct are relieved of duty. 

News about Pasay Drug Pusher killed in precinct:


The policemen who got involved in the killing of a pusher couple are also relieved as well as the others involved in their trade on that same police station.  They are alleged ninja cops who were asking this couple to sell drugs for these corrupt policemen.  The said couple is asked to remit drug money but just killed maybe to SILENCE them. That is of course not a legitimate police operation but the PNP is prejudged as if they are condone.  Taking the side of the pusher’s family, I better not risk talking to another policeman on this issue, because we really do not know who is good or bad at all unless the government has finished t task of eliminating the ROTTEN tomatoes on the shelf.

Again, this is not an issue to be discussed outside the country because the victims and the suspects are all Filipinos – and there is NO CONDONATION happening, I am challenging a surveyor from the United Nations to interview a million of my fellow-countrymen of what they can say about the issue – if many distrust the government and think that the administration is being UNFAIR then I suppose that is the only time they have to GET INVOLVE in the issue.

I agree with the President’s opinion that before what is prevalent in the daily newspapers broadsheets or tabloids here in the Philippines are INNOCENTS being victimized by rapist, robber-killers, carnapper-killers, taxi drivers robbed of just nearly a thousand-peso earnings and killed, the villains who are believed to be drug users:

- A months-old baby raped. A parent killed by his addict child, toddler raped – stabbed with a bottle in her vag---, an animal raped by a man, teenager robbed of cellphone and killed in an instant
Why the UN and the CHR is not so loudly heard (if they meddle on that unquestionable HUMAN RIGHTS violations – the right to live by the innocent victims)? Now, it is the reverse. The addicts who have guns and knives to kill their victims like butchering a pig or chicken are now on the headlines…what needs help from the CHR? The INNOCENT victims whom they had spared on meddling or those (legitimately) killed addicts and pushers in police operations. Again, illegitimate police operations or abuse of authority are exempted here, they are dealt with accordingly . 

The NCRPO Chief Albayalde reminded us in an interview that the moment suspects arrested are in precinct their handcuffs are removed to put behind bars.  In the circumstances, as we all can see one of the suspects has a big body-built (tall and muscled) - I am not implying that the two policemen are not capable of erring nor they are not guilty BUT we have to listen and to look at both sides to give FAIR judgment. NCRPO chief has reiterated once a policeman face an intimidating situation wherein the villains are physically of advantage or in an encounter place where the criminal is impossible to see hiding or the place is too dim) the tendency is for him to guard his own life especially if they are to attack or go near the target – there is no way the cop will know if there is any gun aiming at him. Since drug suspects (especially the users) are not in the right frame of mind, if we are in the policemen’s shoe and we have families to go home to after our life-threatening job – who would not want to be sure of LIFE?!

Fight Zika Virus with this Mosquito Tent

It is very enticing for kids especially when you choose the color they love.  It is really like a see-through play tent inside the room.

Two Kitchen Essentials

 You got to have these two fellows on your kitchen - the mini trash can adjacent to your sink and the ladles, knives etc. organizer. I really find them great especially the organizer, you have got everything in one place. See each sample photos below.

Yes, you have the larger one for all the other garbages you have at home but it is better if you would have a separate small bin adjacent to the faucet sink – dedicated just for the wet leftovers from plates and cooking mess (like fruits and vegies’ peel etc.) 

Handy Clothes Hanger

This is very helpful, after getting your clothes from the dryer – no need to bring outdoor while suspending each on a hanger – just hook this handy clothesline maybe on the window or if you have a nail on the wall or even at the cabinet’s handle while hanging each of the clothes one by one in a solo hanger.

Home Ideas: Mini Ceiling Fan

Hey mom-friends, you may never notice the stress the weather brings us…I personally feel more exhausted when the weather is hot and I got no choice but to finish my kitchen obligations. 

For an energy and cost -efficient choice, minifans ranging from just around US $ 4-10  (depending on brand) would be a great choice.  It is not so strong, just gentle enough to alleviate the annoying heat of the weather while washing the dishes or cooking.  It is gentle enough not to reach the stove flame compared to using desk or stand fan.

The Philippines' War Against Illegal Drugs

The Current Scenario
The daily news reports bear the voluntary submission of drug-related offenders be it in the Metro Manila or in the farthest Barangay in the provinces. Recent Killings  involving Drug Trafficking has alarmed human rights advocates.  There are those who are entrapped BUT has exchanged bullets with the police operatives and still others are gunned-down by vigilantes riding in-tandem (who are believed to be liquidated by their syndicate association). I am one of the self-confessed followers of the President and his ‘Change is Coming’ crusade – that includes fighting corruption, criminality as well as on illegal-drugs.

We need each other’s help to accommodate the thousands of surrendering drug personalities around the country.  It is not imaginable that the ‘drug menace’ is this WORST already – almost a hundred thirty thousand individuals has surrendered No wonder why heinous crime perpetrators had become the usual cover of daily newspapers. Together we can help make this CHANGE come true.  It would not be that easy especially considering the means these former pushers find a way of living after drugs. But I believe in lessening criminality, more investors will come (plus the traffic solution may have a riffling effect too) to us.

The Duterte Administration’s Conviction
The President has warned the public of his intensive and massive campaign on the use and trafficking of illegal drugs.  He has admonished everyone to surrender themselves to the authorities before getting killed (in case they resist and fight) on a buy-bust operation etc. 

President Duterte likewise warned the law enforcers should observe legalities and the existing Laws on dealing with the apprehension of the offenders.  However, crooked policemen might take advantage of the self-defense alibi, IF ever they wanted to silence an accomplice or even cohorts for the drug-recycling trade PNP Chief Ronaldo dela Rosa has mentioned on his assumption speech.  He revealed the style of the unscrupulous policemen re-selling drugs confiscated from raids done by their department which he tagged as ninja cops.  This DOES NOT NECESSARILY generalize all policemen BUT few exist in reality. 

Reaction President Duterte's SONA 2016

The recent SONA of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte last July 25, 2016 at Batasang Pambansa has stopped Filipinos from all walks of life anywhere in the world to listen to his every word. I am one of the eager fellows who had waited for the day wanting to hear what the newly-elected president's plan for the country and most especially how he would handle the issues that directly affect each of us.

My anticipations has grown bigger after his phenomenal crusade on Illegal Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse as he has promised during the campaign period has rendered more than a hundred thoudsand drug dependents (user or pusher) has voluntarily surrendered most especially in Metro Manila and in the nearby provinces.

Reaction on Arbitration Court's Verdict on West Philippine Sea

International Arbitration Court Ruling favors the Philippines’ claim on the (West Philippine Sea) Scarborough Shoal.

According to DLSU professor Richard Heydarian on Foreign Affairs/Economic Analyst the verdict of the United Nations Arbitral Tribunal is binding – especially to the members of the UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on Laws of the Seas). Philippines and China are among the consenting signatory members.

Why Relationships Do Not Last?

Years of being married, meeting different (in terms of social status regardless of religion) married couples, sweethearts from different places I had been, I had theorized this conclusion why couples fall apart.

Although MOST of these observations apply on married couples, still some can also be for sweethearts:


Immaturity is synonymous to ‘being childish’.  Encyclopedia and Dictionary’s take on it are as follow:

Being immature, one acts like a child being INSENSITIVE of the other’s feelings.  It may manifest in actions and in verbal confrontation.

-Examples of Insensitive Actions:
1. Coming home late without notice of whereabouts with phone off.
Husbands are mostly guilty of this.  The wife is just a phone call or eve a text message away.  If you have unexpected appointments after office that you have not mentioned to your spouse, take seconds to let her know. That precious seconds will save her from the agony of waiting at home worrying about you or getting hungry waiting for her eating companion.  Being a lady, I know how we can feel secure and this counts a lot if you do AND lessens the chances of fighting.

2. Literally pulling-out a pillow from the partner’s head while sleeping.
Funny and foolish, though this happens.

3. Deviating from the old ways
Sometimes it is better NOT TO BE sweet and thoughtful if you can not STAND or KEEP it that way for as long as the relationship exists. It results to lesser expectations, lesser reasons to be sad or to ponder about. 

How to Put TEXT on Pictures

First, you have to install Adobe Photoshop CS3/6 or higher version in your laptop or PC, I recommend free software apps  from Softonic, google (synonymous to ‘search’), it.

Open the application. 

Important Option:
If you wanted to set the image size before you start, go to toolbars, click ‘IMAGE’ then on the dropdown menu choose ‘IMAGE SIZE’ then proceed to ‘DOCUMENT SIZE.  The common values for images (available on Photo-developing Studios) are:

Landscape mode:
2 x 3 inches (3R photo size)
5 x 7 inches
8 x 10 inches

Just interchange the width and height sizes per inch to work for a ‘Portrait’ orientation photo. This is important as NOT to distort image upon developing if your desired size is not met for the photo

1. Go to the toolbars on TOP and click ‘FILE’ then choose ‘OPEN’. Browse on the image/picture you wanted to modify. 

Parenting the Envious Child

Turning Your Child’s Envious Attitude to the Positive Side

The past few days you have noticed your child has been speaking of a friend’s or a classmates achievements, new stuff and the like with an air of annoyance. One or two times, it may be a product of the child’s immaturity but more than, you should be worried that she may grow with it – the green cancer.  No worries, is it but normal to have such a crisis in a child’s life, my elder daughter has exhibited such too.

The Attitude Detection

When Angel was two or three years old I noticed that she frowned (means she never liked it) whenever I praised somebody else aside from her, even the children performing on tv shows, whew!  I knew that it may not come out from envy but maybe plain jealousy knowing her age.  I began telling her in a calm manner that she need not feel like that because she, her friend or that girl on tv can ALL BE beautiful, smart or witty at the same time – there is no need to choose or knock the other out. There is no competition at all.

Reaction Paper on Duterte's Inaugural Speech Plus

Editorial on President Duterte’s  Inaugural Speech

As Mayor Rody’s wish of a simple celebration, Malacañan Palace (Official Seat of the Philippine Gov’t.) is so simple but heartfelt. Fifteen, ten, five minutes until finally the clock turns twelve noon (12:00) on June 30, 2016 – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte took his oath as the 16th president of the Republic. 

I am among those who have too much anticipation on his upcoming leadership. Congratulations President  ‘Mayor’, as he wanted to be called.

On his inaugural speech, President Duterte has remained as humble as he is. He instill in the minds of our fellow-countrymen (as well as the spectators worldwide) who is watching this turning point in the history that there is no successful leadership without good followers – that the ‘BIG CHANGE’  we may expect would not come from his work alone  BUT with the help of every citizen, it is a combined efforts.  I like what he said that change must come within us and in us – reading between the lines, he meant humility not attributing any future success in leading the country to himself alone  but to everybody.  He restated the reason why the electorate has placed him in the position – the thirst for a TRUE and meaningful change. I honestly believe it, the electorate did not vote for the ‘saint image’ candidate.  

Reaction: President Duterte's Interviews & Speeches Prior to Malacañang Inauguration

As of June 2, 2016

The reason for his non-appearance in the inauguration of his Presidency in Manila is brought about by the 'work' that people elected him for.  Travelling just to take an oath wastes his time (it is just formality and media should not make it a BIG ISSUE even provoking public attention - on saying that the President should have paid gratitude to the 16M voters) as he also said when he could have spent it doing the job he will get paid for and among those is ironing-out his cabinet officials. 

The Filipinos, we, are not easily-provoked and we always want to hear explanation, knowing what the President is up to in Davao excuses him from the inauguration. For him, paying gratitude is not just raising his hand for an oath BUT all the more performing his tasks as the head of the country. That kind of person in him is what makes him endearing to the public- his being practical and down-to-earth.  

Everybody who have been chosen as cabinet secretaries are just wearing plain clothes as simple as the President. No flashy, expensive Barongs and extravagant celebration/ceremony.  All were just sitting in monoblocks .  It looks like a good start.

President Duterte, Can You Keep the Lights on for the Filipino People?

I want to make an appeal to the incoming President Duterte to help IMPROVE electricity and reduce incidents of brown-out in the country especially here in the province of Quezon.  I really hope that the government can SUBSIDIZE Quezon Electric Cooperative (QueZelCo) if HE is SERIOUS to help the ordinary citizens. I cannot completely blame the cooperative for POOR service – it may be attributed to lack of funding. 

If you are living here especially in Lopez, Quezon – the people are SUFFERING because of frequent brown-outs (ranging from 8am – 5pm) as they say  most of the times as ‘maintenance schedule ‘ BUT it does not happen once a month sometimes twice a week PLUS hours of interruption like  from around 2am till 10am on that same week. Another eight more hours of interruption the next day, whew!

Imagine how hot the weather is and the school children wearing uniforms in dimmed classrooms and OFF electric fans?! You might pity yourself and the kids on that situation.  Consumers have nothing to complain about BECAUSE there is no choice – where to get electricity supply apart from the Coop?  I hope President Duterte or the Department of Energy (DOE) thru his COMMAND can PROVIDE funding –if not subsidy, a LOAN in a flexible terms to aid the cooperative.  It could be used to improve QueZelCo’s facilities and the transmission of energy to the end-users, us, the public.

I sometimes thought of requesting them to distribute power-interruption hours to the early hours at dawn (three hours from 1am to 3am might NOT hurt)– not so hot weather and can not largely affect the consumers, while sleeping. And sometimes an interruption that is like a blink of an eye happens too– power is off for just about three seconds and back again before you can turn off the lights, refrigerator, PC, TV if you’re watching  – great chances of damaging machines and home appliances and may become a cause of FIRE due to instant surge of electric current., correct me if I am wrong…

Thoughts About the Retraction of Death Penalty

After the successful May 2016 National and Local Elections, again the country, Philippines is now beneath a cloud of disagreement over the Retraction of Death Penalty on Maximum Security Prisons – perpetrators of heinous crimes

We are aware of President Duterte’s take on this matter – in which he is very much eager to revoke the temporary lifting of the punishment BUT the Commission on Human Rights and other groups are opposed to it.  Again, I am not writing this to support any sides.  I am here to give you what I think pushes each side to stand on their ground.

Positive Side/In Favor
Pro-Death Penalty

- it may discourage or at least warn the criminals of committing heinous crimes that might subject them to the penalty.

- Drug Lords who are said to be ‘alive and kicking’ and as they say and STILL masterminding drug activities outside the prison thru their continuous leadership and connections can be lined-up for immediate execution.  I can see that this has weight – drug pushers as well as users have been an ordinary scenario in the country in the past years.

'Philippine Independence' from a Modern-day Filipino

Are we just remembering the PAST, are not we ready to feast for today’s Independence?

I am glad and proud to be Pinoy.  It took my ancestors hundreds of years of bloodshed and struggle to reclaim this country. Yes, we are all reminded of the very  first day (June 12, 1898) when our flag was raised in Kawit, Cavite. But as a Pinoy at this point in time, I do hope that the upcoming year and on this same month and day that we could celebrate ‘Independence Day’ not just in memory of the past BUT a celebration for the present day.

Do we really own this land called Philippines?

Nowadays, many Filipinos die literally fighting for their piece of land (farmers) in this country while the foreigners own one – not necessarily them but named after their dummies or wife maybe or even sometimes owned by BIG names or clans not just two but a lot more as long as their money can afford. Why is it not possible for every Juan to own a piece of land? The beggars on the street, are not they Filipinos? The farmers who had to work for somebody else, for a fellow Pinoy? The renters who are mostly the middle-class Pinoys who only work just to survive their Landlords?!

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