A Shift to Federal Form of Government, Why Not?

As a Filipino I have my own opinion with regards to a shift in the form of government as proposed by the incoming Duterte Administration.

Federalism – definitions:

As I watched an interview by Ms. Luchi Cruz Valdez to the Founding Chairman of the PDP Laban(if I get it right) former senator Aquilino ‘Nene’ Pimentel in Reaksyon on TV5 5/29/2016 – it gave me additional information about it.

I would definitely choose to agree with having the Federal form of Government. It is the type that delegates the responsibility of every state to its own Governor.  I thought before that implementing it would mean that every province or region would be independently governing itself. But, the constitution CAN define the division (consisting of several provinces to be considered as one state) like the example of Pimentel, he would suggest eleven federal territories to consist the country  -  with the Bangsamoro Region, Bicol Region (I will update this list  as soon as I got  the  copy  of the interview , not able to jot it down).

This would somehow abolish the need for a separate Bangsamoro Basic Law Policy.  It gives freedom to each federal territory the capability of running its own affairs without the long process of centralized governance.  The National government can concentrate on other matters like the empowerment of government forces (police, AFP, Marine and Air Force) foreign relations and policies as well as the national matters as a whole.

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