How to Keep Fresh Vegetables for Longer Use

Being a mom, I do the buying of fruits and vegetables for our week's menu plan. There are sometimes two recipes that both need the same leafy vegetables as an ingredient.  Like the Pechay Baguio (Bokchoi's relative), I used the half portion for the viand Nilaga say on Monday and the other half will be for the Sopas on Sunday is remaining.  If just put on top of the table, it will only attract fruit flies and humidity  because of the weather, will wither its freshness. 

Leftover Fresh Vegetable

How to Keep Leftover Biscuits Crispy

Children often have snack leftovers and if you don't have a vacuum or air-tight container it will just turn brittle after minutes or hours of waiting till the little guys are hungry and be back to look for it again.  Before they lose their appetite chewing the not so crispy and not so yummy biscuits here's a way to keep it crisp like it was when you first open its packaging.

Leftover Biscuit

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