Writing an Effective Product Complaint

Although most of the times we inspect everything we buy, there is sometimes this little defects or problems we overlooked that we only noticed once we are comfortably sitting in our homes after shopping, the worst is when we are about to use the product. Here are reminders and a sample letter.

Better, meticulously inspect the item and have it tested so it will save you a lot of trouble especially time and expense returning items you purchase. Avoid RUSH buying. And most of all buy in legitimate stores with permanent shop address in case of returns and product complaints. Ask for warranty terms too (how long) when buying electronic items.

In case you have just bought a defective product, you have every right to return it even if you forgot to ask about the warranty. DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) prohibits the “No Return, No Exchange Policy” here in the Philippines. We can reach them online and through telephones to report establishments that not honoring the prohibition. However, make sure to be honest in doing it, let us not abuse the law to take advantage of others. If you know it is in best condition and you caused the items malfunction (like dropping a electronic device), such defects are not acceptable and that is of course dishonesty. Only factory defects or packing negligence are considered legitimate complaints. We must be observers of FAIR trade being responsible consumers and humane.

Be sure to bring the following if you are to come in person (it is better for immediate response from the store). :

Simplified Division for Kids

Division – a Mathematical process that for children in the primary grades mostly grades one to three find it hard to understand.

Our first solution is to have them memorize the multiplication table or just the skip counting by digits one till nine.  But for younger kids, that is just so difficult. Here is another technique I come-up with while tutoring my seven-year-old Riana to simplify the difficulty in solving division I also put a link on my Youtube channel for the tutorial video on this subject, it can not be uploaded here due to its size. It is just around two minutes if you want to see how it is actually done.

Five Things Women Hate about Men

There are these things we hate about our male friend, boyfriend or husband.

1. Men do not seem to listen when we talk.

You have recited half of a novel, you really thought he is listening but…yes, he is asking “What?” when we needed some answer. That is just the time you will know there is so much time wasted talking.

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