Five Things Women Hate about Men

There are these things we hate about our male friend, boyfriend or husband.

1. Men do not seem to listen when we talk.

You have recited half of a novel, you really thought he is listening but…yes, he is asking “What?” when we needed some answer. That is just the time you will know there is so much time wasted talking.

 My opinion would be, do not talk to them while they are watching their favorite basketball team, boxing match nor reading the morning paper or else…

I found this out from my friends in different circumstances, not asking them just by observing.  And I am glad that it is ‘ordinary’, not a big deal to think that they do not care at all…

2. Men are not particular to important dates..

You are tired of reminding him birthdays (not only yours but everybody’s) or your wedding anniversary. Do not worry, it is but normal. When you asked somebody else, wives, girlfriends –yes, they experienced the same as yours. So, keep cool.

3. Men are playful in nature.

Yes he loves you. But he always wanted to fool around. Joke with other girls. Phonepal or textmates? He has, be ready. They value relationship, just every relationship that they forget to give priority and sometimes forget their boundaries and limitations as well as be considerate with others’ feelings.

Making other girls hope for more when in truth they could only offer friendship no more than that.  Men thought women enjoy when they give in to their longings.  Men, beware! There are women who just hate being dumped. Do not wait till you meet your match.

I think Beyonce was inspired by these men in her song ‘Irreplaceable’. Men tend to think the universe revolve around them when a woman is in love. That is why they play till they drop.  Fellow women, take it slow, refuse to show or give it all.

I must say that there are still men who value relationship the right way, just FEW of them and if you found yours never let go.

4. Men seldom or never say they are sorry.

It takes a BIG, BIG mistake for them to say sorry.  It it nearly cost your life, that serious MAYBE that is the time, you can hear their sorry.  But somehow their actions speak they are. Words are just not available.
The problem is, we women expect to hear words. If you are a man and you are reading this post, please take note of that.

5. Men are sometimes assuming.

When we show them friendliness and kindness they usually think we are into them, we like them or we are interested in them. Still, I have to clarify, NOT ALL but most of them fall in this category.  Please, please man, do not assume till you hear it spoken.  There is nothing wrong being friends with the opposite sex and every culture has its own basis for the norms. We Filipinos, are mostly conservative – refraining from initiating relationship moves with a man. Although I respect other race’s culture, I just want you to understand ours.

I hope this post can help us, women, the complexities of men's behavior and understand them and just let pass on those things that are not really so big deal with them. They do care but 'men are just men..'. And  I also hope that men who have read it choose to work on this little shortcomings so that every relationship can be worth treasuring - be it friendship, boyfriend-girlfriend thing or even marriage.

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First posted on my  Xomba. account  Dec.26, 2014
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