English Lesson IVa : PRONOUNS

Pronoun - is the part of speech that takes the place of or substitutes a noun.

It is good that pronouns had been invented because if not, writing and speaking will be so boring if we are going to hear and read the same names (in writing, it's troublesome to write long names too!) over and over again. Imagine your essay for example about the "mysterious woman in black dress" - the name is unknown. You have to write that name phrase you called her again and again to say something about her, without using Pronouns, it would be difficult, I suppose. Thanks it has came about :)

The "basics" about PRONOUNS...

Loom Band Flower Charm Tutorial - BETTER-ANGLE VIDEO :)

We know that many of you liked this design but our first video-tutorial was done in a very poor angle :( We have decided to do a re-make of the tutorial video. My daughter and I are quite sure that this will make you happy craft-lovers :)

Designed by my Angel Reign. I have converted it to a video format compatible for tablets and android phones, just send it from your laptop via blue tooth device :)

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