Loom Band Flower Charm Tutorial - BETTER-ANGLE VIDEO :)

We know that many of you liked this design but our first video-tutorial was done in a very poor angle :( We have decided to do a re-make of the tutorial video. My daughter and I are quite sure that this will make you happy craft-lovers :)

Designed by my Angel Reign. I have converted it to a video format compatible for tablets and android phones, just send it from your laptop via blue tooth device :)

You can buy blue tooth device from CDR-King, it is just around PhP 150.00 to make your personal computer (PC)/desktop blue tooth enabled (comes with a micro disk for installation).

Here is the video:

Here is  the video in Mp4 format for larger HD viewing Flower Charm Tutorial Mp4, my child's Youtube Channel.

If you like this tutorial, please plus, pin it, tweet, re-share it on G+ or fb and tell your friends to come and visit this site.  Thanks for reading. thanks too for hitting the G+ button on top-left part of the HOME page - that means you recommend us in Google :) We will soon upload the mp4 version  (larger HD-viewing on PCs and laptops) in our Youtube Channel. We hope you will subscribe.

Have a great day everyone! My nine-year old who made this tutorial video would be happy to hear your comments :)

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