My Three Wishes

Poems reveal our deepest emotions, in this poem it is true. I wanted to make life better for for my family, relatives and for the people around me.  I wanted to be of help to others in need but sad that fate can only answer if that could possibly be. When I reach forty, my hope for my dreams shall fade. Good, I still have five more years to aspire…

Nobody is happy for your sibling’s lost, knowing he was deprived of what he should have. That he should have been living a comfortably better life had not his father died and something borrowed was not paid. That brother is always around to give me a hand, now he is helpless, all I can do is to pray for his future.

I have written so many drafts that I did not mail.  It kept me up till dawn, planning my mom’s return to the flock. Worried what might happen every morning I wake-up, wishing to see mother’s name on the ‘Book of Life’ before two possible bad things could happen.

As of now, all I can do is to persevere on waiting for my three wishes to be granted and soon there will be a HAPPILY EVER AFTER. 
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