Tips and Tricks on Getting the Right Shoes

They have been my companion since I was a child... every steps I take, the sad walk to the cemetery when my grandmother died, the happy walk on every Recognition Day in school, my every step to attend classes during college – they carried me patiently, they never left my side, or I should have said my ‘feet’!

At first my mom buys them for me. Then I was asked to choose and mom still pays for each pair. Until I get to have a chance to pick and pay for them, I bought one from my very first salary. They are my SHOES, my constant companion. Unlike your boyfriend, shoes will be there for you till the day you choose to let go…

Ladies, women, girls any way you wanted to be called, I know you have your favorite pair of shoes! And here are some interesting facts and tips about SHOES:

1.  Pointed-triangular shaped shoes make you  (not just your feet) look sexier.  I assessed it before as looking-like dwarf shoes JBut it is not! A friend,  Cielita Cruzada  gave me the idea. I was looking around Glorietta , in Makati while seeing different women and observe  what the pointed shoes make them.  Because of its longer and narrow toe part, a pair would create an illusion that you are taller and thinner.

2. Strapped sandals are the best for ladies with smooth skin especially fairer complexion. Detailed designs complement the feet’s skin and makes one’s feet attractive.  Proof of this, my feet (before not now lol) have always been noticed when I am wearing the very simple silver and strapped Rusty Lopez sandals.

3. Doll shoes are not recommended for small and chubby built or petite women. It makes them look more stout and small because of its rounded-toe shape appearance.

4. Wedges look good with petite women – the added height from the heels flatters the look.

5. Half-shoes look elegant on shorts and skirt on not so formal occasions.

6. Stilletos are never meant for jeans and tights unless you want to look like a hooker. Models are may be exempted here.

7. The formality of any suit or wardrobe disappears the moment you see it paired with slip-ons and sandals.  It should have been worn with full-shoes flat or heeled.

8. Suede material (like a bald furry leather)is hard to maintain and keep nice for longer use.

9. I found gold-colored shoes the nicest to wear – whatever color of your clothes!  It just appears like another gold jewelry from that you’re wearing, so elegant and expensive-looking. Not a shoe but stands as an accessory too that goes perfectly with what you are wearing.

Brown shoes pair with anything as if it was an extended skin especially if leather.

Silver shoes look good too but it ranks third on my best-shoe-color list. As I look at my feet wearing silver sandals, I can see an aura of age on it.  I am not sure if it just my complexion that created that aura.

Shoe colors, apart from gold, brown and silver or even black are best worn on clothes having the same or matching lighter or darker shade of it like a blue, yellow, purple, peach, orange etc. Red has become acceptable, I saw it on Mango Bags then later on shoes of brand I am not aware of even the watches with red bracelets become a trend that no matter what one wears, red became a match.

For me, black is just (or BEST) for uniforms, unless with a gorgeous design seems dull, uninteresting and does not exudes an air of elegance.  I recommend it for school or office uniforms only.

10. Metal accessories on shoes are best – found on the right places.  Sometimes depending on the occasion where you plan to wear the shoes and the quantity of decoration. If you are a dancer or a show girl or celebrity- metal embellishments are ordinary.  But if you are not, you will probably look one.

11. Brand new shoes are still the best choice than buying from thrift shops called ‘ukay’. I love “Ukays” but when buying shoes, I don’t recommend it. Learning from experience, although sometimes branded, they don’t last longer anymore being secondhand.  It is either the straps pulls out or the leather chips off with just so short span of time after you bought it. Repair is just a waste, I even have one stitched but it just let me down on a very important event I have attended.  I just can’t resist the brand and design of the shoes but to end-up regretting later on. 

Rubber shoes MAY last longer bought from a thrift shop being made from more sturdy materials.

12. Never buy shoes unless you are really ready to buy.  I mean unless you have a good budget. Shoe price denotes quality. It does not require signature brands but at least of high-grade materials. What can you expect from a cheap pair?  Of course manufacturers or re-sellers tag their products according to materials with a mark-up cost for profits. PU or synthetic leather shoes are cheaper. Leather costs thrice or more depending on the material but are guaranteed to last longer than synthetic leather since it is just layered with man-made components, chipping will come soon.

Calculating the money you spent for all the cheap shoes you bought being thrifty makes you more unwise seeing the last pair you bought is not wearable anymore.  Even you just have three or just two pairs or even just a single pair of quality shoes, it will bring you to far places J

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