'Philippine Independence' from a Modern-day Filipino

Are we just remembering the PAST, are not we ready to feast for today’s Independence?

I am glad and proud to be Pinoy.  It took my ancestors hundreds of years of bloodshed and struggle to reclaim this country. Yes, we are all reminded of the very  first day (June 12, 1898) when our flag was raised in Kawit, Cavite. But as a Pinoy at this point in time, I do hope that the upcoming year and on this same month and day that we could celebrate ‘Independence Day’ not just in memory of the past BUT a celebration for the present day.

Do we really own this land called Philippines?

Nowadays, many Filipinos die literally fighting for their piece of land (farmers) in this country while the foreigners own one – not necessarily them but named after their dummies or wife maybe or even sometimes owned by BIG names or clans not just two but a lot more as long as their money can afford. Why is it not possible for every Juan to own a piece of land? The beggars on the street, are not they Filipinos? The farmers who had to work for somebody else, for a fellow Pinoy? The renters who are mostly the middle-class Pinoys who only work just to survive their Landlords?!

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