Pork Nilaga Tips

The very first time I cook Nilaga (Boiled) Pork Ribs,  I had  all the ingredients peeled and prepared. I follow the ‘what is hard to soften comes in the pot earlier and the hardest, last’. Like when I put the leafy vegetables, it is just a few minutes before removing it from the stove. 

For me and maybe for the others plantain bananas or ‘saba’ in Tagalog had been very  complicated to cook because if you overcooked it, it becomes too soft or if undercooked the outer layer is done while the innermost tastes uncooked (although it can be eaten raw, it is tastier to eat it cooked in Nilaga recipe). 

Speak Filipino: Reading Vowels

Here is a guideline on reading the 'vowels' in Filipino language. Vowel 'u' is added at the bottom of the post.


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