My Two Best Deodorizing Soap Brands

#1 Avon’s Deodorizing Soap

I find this soap really amazing, it really refreshes and easily eliminates body odors – that acidic smell we all abhor. Before going to bed at night or you can make it your daily soap companion too.

Bath Soap as Stain Remover

Because of the hot weather in our country these days, it is very likely for us to sweat and sometimes smell foul.  

I tried chlorine and other commercial bleach for white and colored clothes but still this works far better like miracle.  You would not have to wash the clothes till it is worn out like what I am doing before – my husband’s barongs and polo – especially those that are made from delicate fabric gets older and soon get torn on the neckline. Know the secret and how to's :

First 100 Days of President Duterte

Philippines as Independent Nation

The President never wanted the official residence of the country’s president to be called MalacaƱan Palace anymore, he wants it more to be called ‘Palace of the People’ instead. I agree with him when he said that it is not even of Filipino Language origin – a true heirloom from our previous Spanish colonizers.  He has been consistent with his ideal of the Philippines as Independent Nation – same is true with his plans of us making our very own International Foreign Policy.

That is also obvious with his objections and anger when other rulers try to degrade him with words/accusations – as he said he is not just a city Mayor now, he is now the country’s President!  He is but right to do that because those who pretend to be friends speaks on his back about their unsolicited comments when they could have meet personally and could have discussed it then for him to have defended his nationalistic efforts of conserving the future generation of our homeland.

In fairness with President Obama, MAYBE he really has no intentions of meddling with our affairs – it so happened that a representative of a media in a press con has asked his opinion about EJK.  If many had opined that Pres. Duterte should have been cautious of his words – the MORE caution must be exercised by the President of the deemed to be most powerful nation in the world.  His words could have influenced a lot of people worldwide – and IF he happens to misconceived what is really happening here, it would damage our President’s reputation as well as the senate’s and even the country as a whole. Because, his opinion is not based on FACTS and the real situation; it may IMPLY that we CONDONE IF THERE IS INJUSTICE and us Filipinos are blindly adoring the President. He is merely looking at the surface and maybe one of those who wanted to believe that all the killings are attributable to the administration disregarding the MIGHT of the syndicates running drugs as well as those who had been connected and protectors who were publicly exposed that could possibly be among the suspects who get those drug personalities dead so their dark secrets can be hidden forever.

It is but right for the President to stand his ground and speak-out and be furious about the baseless comments. Remember two policemen daily also dies in the drug campaign IF THE GOVERNMENT runs the drug campaign on its own liking there would never be a dead policeman nor a relieved men in duty. There is still justice prevailing in this country, if the president is a real killer – I think De Lima has not reached the senate because of her endless accusations or even Matobato- the ‘witness’ that even a lie detector machine will fail, what more to the members of the legislative body who are mostly lawyers in educational attainment.

The President may be TOO HONEST with his feelings towards those involved in drugs. And for his first 100 Days, he is brave enough to answer those who wanted us to ‘keep our mouth shut and bowing’ all the time.

The Launch of the National Complaints Hotline 8888

This VERY HELPFUL hotline was established to answer the public’s need for faster, reliable and ZERO-QUEUE service from public/government employees remunerated from their paid taxes.

It was known to have hasten processing of personal documents obtained from various government agencies such as NSO (Birth/Marriage/CENOMARCertificates) , LTO (Driver’s Licenses, Renewal of Vehicle Registration), NBI (NBI Clearance)etc. The became USUAL queuing of people from inside the offices to the adjacent street roads with duration from two hours to even days had become less than an hour to finish although you have to come back not later than TWO-THREE days after for the document,  not like before that you are there for that long and then asked to come back spending time, effort and money just to be told TO COME BACK AGAIN.

I think few months of adjustment from the pending jobs received by each government agency can soon make way for the INSTANT release of documents in the future.  It is understandable that they had to finish the backlog from the ‘turtle-like service’ they are providing before that no matter how they deny it or whatever alibis they have, had become the system in here in our home land . I am really hopeful that what the President wanted to see and experience by the public is the REAL use of modern technology – COMPUTERS – I remember him saying in one of his speeches that if a government agency can not act FAST having computers in their offices, they should junk them because there is no difference at all compared to not having one around.

Having the hotline, every public servant is guaranteed to please every Filipino because IF NOT, expect that it will no longer be tolerated. The Civil Service Commission is the frontrunner for the complaints hotline.

Challenge for the Dignified Teachers

May I pour my thoughts about the teachers I recently met these days? Teachers had always been good influencers and I can never forget the greatest of the teachers I had back then. Mrs. Sonia Bruan-Santiago (THE IV), , Mrs. Luzviminda Miguel (VE VI), Mrs. Juanita Lagmay(Gr6), Mrs. Andaya (THE I), Mr. Nestor Londerio (Physics IV HS), Mrs. Minerva Ranieses (Eng. Prof.), Mrs. Helen Bulatao (Dean /Acctg. Prof., Mrs. Remedios Ala (Gr3 Eng.), Dr. Regino Paular (Current Issues). 

These are not so good things that are needed to be said to challenge the teachers of our new generation.  It will be up to them to take this negatively or positively to improve themselves and abhor such deeds mentioned here.

The Quiz Bee Cheat-chers?!

Contrary to what others might suppose on my divulging of this hateful fact, I wanted to help ignite back the integrity of SOME of our noble teachers. I do not have any idea if whether winning on quiz bees give them, teachers, extra points or promotion because SOME but NOT ALL are staking their pride and honor just to help their coached students WIN.

This is what I have observed in the recently concluded Quiz Bee my daughters  had participated in:
1. A teacher coached a  student (maybe on the same school she is in –because not only now I met the student and teacher tandem, they represent Science V last year and they obviously cheated then too but landed only 3rd). You know why, because I recorded the whole competition on video and they found it difficult to signal.

The student always glance on that teacher before she answers, the Easy and Average levels are to be answered with letter of choice ONLY which is 20 points when totaled if I am not mistaken. The wise teacher, pulled her chair back to where my camera can not caught her and she just moved her chair when the two rounds are finished because dictating or signaling complete words on the difficult round is not easy that is why she stopped there.  I noticed that she only helps in the first two rounds. Glad that they were not able to make it to the top2 then.

This year, the tandem have succeeded, the student ranked 1st this time, it so happened that my digicam is not prepared – low battery and I left the memory card for longer recording time, there is no way I can video them.  The teacher sat just one seat apart from that same student last year. Now, she whispered every letter of the correct answer, I was able to read her lips when it opens – it will be too many to call it coincidence. The wise teacher noticed that I was staring at her and the student with a long hair – glancing all the time to her or listens to her every dictation. I only learned she is the TIMER when she softly uttered ‘STOP’ that is just when she felt I was guarding her. What she did is whispering while pretending to look at her phone or writing on a piece of paper – I do not know if she is also writing every letter of the answer. But mouthing letters a, b or c or the word stop moves one’s lips differently that is why I am precisely sure she is dictating answers and you really would not notice she is timing the Quiz at first because she only started talking a little louder when she noticed me. I knew almost all the answers because it took me huge time writing the Science reviewer for my child aside from what her teacher has provided. I just thought before that she is just there to observe the competition but…imagine one seat apart from the student, she is facing the door while seating on the last column.  The student sat in the column before her, facing the blackboard. The distance is only the narrow aisle that is approximately one seat away. Imagine 14points out of total score that brought her in the advantage of around 6-8pts from the 2nd placer is obtained from cheating! I felt sad to the 2nd and 3rd placer who have exhausted efforts on reviewing just to be cheated, it so happened that my daughter’s score this time is far from winning, I chose to keep silent.  I thanked the situation because if not, I would not keep my mouth shut and expose the cheater oh, I mean teacher and the pretending-to-be winner student.  How can they managed to accept medal without honor at all, they knew for themselves that it does not belong to them.  That is why I could not help mentioning to the other spectators that the 2nd and 3rd placer are more deserving of the medals.

This became so rampant that Angel became a victim too last year on a different district here in Quezon province.

1. The students were asked to share a number of questions representing their respective schools English IV, I forgot if it is one or two questions each.

2. The Quiz Master seated at the back of the seat rows doing her thing while maybe an ‘intern’ or assistant (not wearing uniform) asked everyone to put their share of question in the box in front of the blackboard. Each question has the answer provided to guide the Quiz Master.

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