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Pros and Cons of Retail and Wholesale Buying

You can read this in parts if you want- come back some other time if you can not finish one reading, because this is really a long article. But I know blogworms(bookworms) will enjoy it as well as the tips and tricks within. It is also written in Tagalog or Filipino language for my fellow-countrymen.  I set the Filipino translation in an Bookman OldStyle font to easily identify both languages.

Budgeting differs from one household to another. Why? Not just because of the household size and the amount of income differences but also the schedule such income becomes available matters too in planning the expenditures- there are those who have their salary on a daily (for self-employed individuals), and for the employed sector weekly, every 15th or monthly basis.

Ang pag-bu-budget ay nagkakaiba-iba sa bawat pamilya. Bakit? Hindi lamang dahil sa bilang ng bumubuo sa sambahayan, sa halaga ng kinikita maging ang panahon o iskedyul kung kailan dumarating ang salapi na pam-budget  ay mahalaga rin sa pagplaplano ng mga gastusin - mayroong tumatanggap ng arawan (sa mga may sariling negosyo), lingguhan, kinsenas o buwanang kita naman ang mga namamasukan.

As a mom, I do the budgeting. Buying groceries is a bit challenging. I have learned this tip after trying one method after the other at a period of time (months of use) so I can determine which works well with my family’s weekly budget.

Bilang isang ina, ako ang nagbu-budget. Yung pagbili ng grocery ay medyo nakakahamon talaga sa ating kakayahang mga misis at nanay. Natutuhan ko itong ibabahagi ko sa inyo sa pag-subok ng iba’t-ibang pamamaraan sa ilag panahon para malaman ko kung alin talaga ang nababagay sa aming lingguhang tinatanggap.

At a glance, buying in bulk, largest pack or wholesale saves a lot. That is when you have ‘extra’ in your budget, because if you do not have you will end-up sacrificing other stuffs from your grocery list- you can not buy anymore this thing or that because your suppose-to-be budget all went to the biggest pack of milk (etc.) which is consumable in a month’s time. Sometimes, a little sacrifice can make things better too,the following three weeks milk (or whatever you bought in large pack or wholesale) will not be any more in your budget listing. It really depends on HOW MUCH you will sacrifice, if that would mean you will be short or transportation allowance to work or for your children’s schooling,  short of cash on hand in cases of emergencies IT MAY NOT BE WORTH IT.

Sa biglang-tingin, ang pagbili ng malakihan o maramihan ay nakaka-tipid ng malaki. Yan ay kung mayroon kang ‘sobra’ sa iyong budget, dahil kung wala mauuwi ka sa pagsasakripisyo ng iba pang kailangan mong bilihin sa listahan mo. Kahit masasabi nating malaki ang discount sa  bultohan, biglaan naman ang tapyas sa budget mo. Ang halimbawang budget mo para sa ibang kailangan napunta lamang sa isang napakalaking lata ng gatas na kukunsumohin naman ng anak mo pang-isang buwan e bibili ka din namanuli next week.

Ngunit kung minsan ang maliit na sakripisyo ay may mabuting dulot din naman – kung tatlong linggo namang WALA sa budget mo ang gatas (o kahit ano pa yang binili mo na bultohan). Nakadepende talaga ito sa kung GAANO ang kaya mong isakripisyo, kung yang pagbili mo na yun ay mangangahulugan ng kakapusan mo sa pamasahe papunta sa trabaho o ng mga anak mo sa eskuewela o sa perang hawak mo na nakahanda SANA para sa mga biglaang hindi masabing pagkakagastusan (emergency petty cash) malamang HINDI okay na bumili ka nang malakihan. Okay lang talaga iyon kung may ‘extra’ money ka pa bukod sa petty cash o dili kaya ay sa savings mo.

This is advisable for those who do groceries on a weekly basis because of a weekly income schedule. For a monthly basis, it is best of course to buy bigger packs or for weekly buyers,  if you are willing to sacrifice just for a week without some of the things you usually buy then go for it – like eating on a fastfood with the kids, buying phone  leather case, new socks or lipstick...not so urgent needs at all.

Ang payong ito ay para sa mga nag-gro-grocery lingguhan. Para sa buwanan mamili, mas makabubuti bumili ng malalaking pakete o kung kahit lingguhan ka mamili at ang isasakriisyo mo lang naman ay isang kain sa fastfood ninyo ng mga bata, pagbili ng bagong casing ng cellphone, bagong medyas o lipstick kaya…hindi naman talaga gaanong mahahalaga.

Shampoo/Conditioner :
I used to buy bottles of shampoo that I thought could last for almost a month of me and my daughters’ daily consumption, their dad uses men’s variety, he has a separate shampoo. I observed how fast it runs out, because it is open without a limit, my children or even I could have consumed more than we needed.  I noticed we all have this falling hair too – although shiny and silky smooth.

Not like when I  buy a dozen sachets, each sachet is good for two heads or even three of us (me and my two daughters) THAT  IS if you do not want to destroy your hair’s natural moisture with chemicals from over-shampooing.

I do not let my children use a sachet for each, everything that is too much might have an adverse effect like hair fall, dryness etc.  There is no denying that shampoos have chemicals too. It can be used daily but the amount must be managed.

Dati bumibili ako ng naka-botelyang shampoo na akala ko halos isang buwan tatagal sa aming mag-iina kahit arawan kami maligo, ibang shampoo naman ang gamit ng tatay nila. Inobserbahan ko, dahil sa ito ay tuloy-tuloy ang tulo walang limit, kapag natuwa ang mga bata o ako ay maaaring nakakakunsumo ng HIGIT PA SA KAILANGAN ng mga buhok namin

Speak Filipino Page: Words and Phrases Plus Reading Guide

Most commonly used Filipino Words and phrases (most but not ALL you can’t find in the dictionary because they are slang or street language):

The Filipino word (syllabication)
Pronunciation (exemplified in English sounds and words to correctly read each term/phrase)
Meaning (English equivalent/translation)
Example (sentence)

(read as ‘na’ in Narnia or as ‘nah’)
denotes at this very moment; now.

tara na  (ta-ra)
Read as ‘ta’ in taxi/ ‘ra’ in ramble
Literally means ‘let us go now’

muna (mu-na)
Read like the English words ‘moon-nah’
means ‘prior’ or ‘must be done first’

What Made Every ‘Iglesia ni Cristo’ Chapels a Stand-out Landmark?

I know that you have dropped by in this site for some other reasons than reading post about 'faith' but it may satisfy your curiosity if you will glance on this article plus links on pertinent Youtube videos.

Literally everywhere in the Philippines, INC chapels have always been a familiar sight.  Every corner even at the most inaccessible places – you will just be surprised how these chapels had been built (how are the materials transported) considering the difficulty of transportation brought about by topography. It has all been the work of our almighty God- he made these things possible with his help and guidance.

Many people are wondering what made the chapels sturdy and looking great all the time. The secret lies beyond its construction and planning as well as unceasing maintenance. Before every chapel is erected, various testing were done in all aspects – the soil and the calamity faults are studied (whether the place is prone to windy storms/earthquake fault etc.) to adopt the construction of each chapel to the unpredictable environment. Every chapel has a new and own approach in matters of planning and architecture same goes with the actual construction. Rip-rapping is done for erosion prone grounds. The roofing are fortified for those chapels built in stormy places.  No paint can last a lifetime that is why re-paintings are done almost yearly and there are quality inspection team sent from the Central Office to check on the status of the chapel (inside and the building itself), the compound and the improvements inside- they recommend fixings and some cleaning needs to maintain each chapel – no chapel is exempted even the pastoral houses and offices.

Uninterrupted Service to Our Creator

Why Iglesia ni Cristo Members are Unstoppable in the Service of God?

The sight of brethrens/locales holding worship services inside a flooded chapel in Bulacan; the brethrens in the US unhindered by frozen streets and freezing weather walking far on their way to the chapel (as if nothing is wrong with the surroundings although news seen on tv says that it is unsafe to walk around) and a lot more calamity setbacks - are truly evidences of remarkable faith in our Lord God. People from different religions wonder why we, Church of Christ members, value our church membership that way.

Corn Soup Tips

This post is written in two languages - English-Tagalog. I hope everybody enjoys reading it.

Would you believe that the first time I tried cooking corn for a meal I shred it from the cob in one slicing using an ordinary knife.  My hands get swollen and it took me more than maybe half an hour to finish. Since I shred it once I had it from its clinging to the cob, whole tiny yellow bits of it.  I have eaten sautéed corn many times but never noticed that it was not shredded that way. I know now why ‘corn taste’ is missing.

I love cooking a meal made from corn for my family. I also cook it as comfort food or as a snack with glutinous rice, sugar and coconut milk.  I really love its natural taste that comes out when shredded. For some of you who may not tried yet to cook corn here are tips and a simple recipe:

Maniniwala ka ba na nuong unang beses kong subukang magluto ng mais na pang-ulam tinanggal ko ito sa cob ng isang slice ng kutsilyo. Namaga ang kamay ko at kinalyo sa tigas ng hilaw na mais at inabot yata ng kalahating oras ko mataposang isang kilo. Naku, hindi ko alam na mali pala na hiwain ng buo ang mga butyl kaya pala ung lutuin ko na walang lasang mais dun sa sabaw. Nakakain na ako ng ginisang mais na luto ng iba pero hindi ko napapansin paano ito hiniwa. Alam ko na ngayon kumbakit walang lasa.

Gustong-gusto kong magluto ng mais ulam man o merienda para sa aking pamilya. Kapag ulam ginisa lang. Kapag merienda may malagkit, gata at asukal. Masarap kasi ang natural na lasa nito kapag nagayat na.  Para sa iba sa inyo na kagaya ko din dati, sa mga nag-uumpisa mag-pamilya at hindi pa gaanong sanay sa  pagluto nito, narito ang tips at may kasamang simpleng recipe:

Platapormang Nais Ko Bilang Pilipino

Agree ka ba na kailangan natin ang mga ito?

Bilang isang ordinaryong mamamayan, nararamdaman ko ang totoong pangangailangan natin. Ang ilan sa mga ito ay napapabilang sa pangunahing pangangailangan natin. Dito natin masusukat ang kakayahang mamalakad ng ating mga nagdaan at kasalukuyang Pamahalaan – kulang ang naging pagpupursigi nila para ipagkaloob nila sa atin ang mga ito. Kabilang kasi ang dito ang ilan sa ating mga pangunahing pangangailangan. (Tagalog/English in BOLD letters)

I. Mga Hanapbuhay at Oportunidad:
Employment and Business Opportunities

Sana po ay maging kasangkapan ang pamahalaan sa pagtuturo ng libreng karagdagan at makabagong kaalaman sa agrikultura at bisnes bukod sa TESDA na may bayad – mapadaan ito sa mga LGU’s  hanggang sa baranggay upang maabot ang bawat Pilipino.

I hope that the Philippine Government shall be instrumental in educating our countrymen with additional and state-of-the-art knowledge in agriculture and business for FREE aside from having the existing TESDA that Filipinos can only avail of when paid. That FREE trainings could have channeled through Local Gov’t. Units (LGU’s) down to barangay level to reach every Pinoy.

- Ang water lily industry na pinaunlad ng mga Villar sa distrito nila ay maaari nating ituro sa mga mamamayan upang mapagkakitaan. Nakagawa po sila ng maraming produkto mula sa Lily. Ang gayong mapagtuklas na kaisipan ay nakatulong sa pagsulit sa paggamit ng mga mapagkukunan (na halos hindi pinapansin at madaling makuha) ay isa lamang tanda ng mabuting halimbawa ng pamumuno na sana ay taglayin ng mga mahahalal nating lider. Hindi lamang iyon, nagkaroon ng hanapbuhay ang marami dahil dito.

Water Lily industry that has been developed by the Villar family in their district (Las Piñas) is one of a possible income alternative. They have made various products out of it. That innovative thinking attempting to maximize AVAILABLE resources is one good example of leadership ability that I hope be the attitude of our future leaders after these 2016 elections. Not just that, it opened employment opportunities too.

- ang paggamit ng  balat ng mais bilang kahalili ng mga materyales sa paggawa ng plastic products (napanood ko po ito sa ‘How Stuff Works’) kasi po itinatapon lamang natin ang mga ito pwede naman palang magamit at pagkakitaan pa at kaalinsabay pa nito ang pag-iingat sa ating kapaligiran (nababawasan ang harmful chemicals sa paggawa ng plastic kung natural na sangkap ang gamit). May karagdagang trabaho pa sana at kita sa mga magsasaka.

The use of corn How Stuff Works: Corn Plastics in making canisters and other plastic products as I have seen in ‘How Stuff Works’ could have been another source of income and at the same time preserving our environment – sustainable development becomes possible, it is just one of the many options.  A useful product that will also be an employment source and income for the farmers while SAVING OUR ENVIRONMENT.

II. Pagakakaroon ng malinis na tubig na maaring inumin
Availability of Potable Water

Kahit kapag nangyari ito ay tiyak na maraming mawawalan ng negosyo ngunit mas marami ang makikinabang. Naliligiran tayo ng  maraming anyong tubig – sa tingin ko po sistema lang ang kailangan – makinarya sa paglilinis at mga dalubhasa na papatnubay dito. Hay, sa ibang bansa na naman  kapag nanonood ako ng mga cooking shows sa mismong gripo sila kumukuha ng pansabaw sa lutuin. Ganuon kadaling maabot ang malinis na tubig samantalang lamang tayo sa kapaligirang matubig pero tayo bumibili ng mas mahal na tubig-inumin.

Even if this happens, many water-refilling businesses will be affected BUT more people (rather than FEW) would benefit from it. Our country is physically surrounded with bodies of water – in my own opinion we only need a system – machineries for filtering and experts to supervise it. Whew! In other countries as I see when I am watching ‘cooking shows’ they get cooking water DIRECT from the faucet. That is how accessible water is for them, the irony is that we have more accessible resources compared to them but we buy expensive drinking water.

III. Murang Elektrisidad
Low-cost Electricity

Sana po ay magamit natin ang mga available resources sa pagkuha ng enerhiya gaya ng hydroelectric, solar at geo-thermal upang makinabang tayo sa murang elektrisidad.

I hope again to utilize our available resources in extracting energy/power like hydroelectric, geothermal or solar power plant so that we will pay half the cost of electricity we are paying today.

IV. Paggamit ang Lumolobong Basura sa mga Kapaki-pakinabang na Bagay
      Recycling our Ballooning Garbage Problem

Problema sa kapaligiran at kalusugan ang dala ng basurang nakatambak. Bakit hindi po natin pagtuunan ng pansin ang nagawa na ng ilang nakapag-aral na gawing kapaki-pakinabang ang mga ito?

Dilemmas on the environment and health are brought about by piled-up garbage. Why can we not give attention to what others have already done - converting wastes into fuel  etcetera to turn these garbage into gold’?

- ang mga plastic ay mai-recycle din po sa pamamagitan ng pagtunaw at paggamit nito para halimbawa i-convert na maging pvc pipes etc. upang makamura na rin sa materyales ang mga proyekto ng pamahalaan o sa iba pang kapaki-pakinabang na gamit.

Plastics are melted to make other materials like PVC pipes etc. so our Government can use them for government projects to cut on materials costs.

IV. Serbisyong Medikal
Medical Services Subsidized by the Gov't.

Naalala ko kasi yung naipalabas sa tv na dokumentaryo sa mga maysakit na OFW – kahit hirap na sa karamdaman ayaw umuwi (cancer ang sakit) kasi mamatay lang daw sila pag dito at hirap pa pamilya nila – KASI NAMAN LIBRE pala ang pagamot nila sa mga hospital sa Hongkong ata yun o Singapore basta hindi pa paso ang kontrata nila. Nangangahulugan lamang na ang katapusan ng kontrata nila ay katapusan na din ng buhay nila dahil pag-uwi dito sa atin hindi nila kakayanin ang mahal ng chemotherapy – karamihan kasi sa kanila dun na lang natuklasan ang sakit. Salamat sa mga amo ng mga DH na nagbibigay ng pagkakataon na mabuhay sila sa pag-renew ng kontrata nila bagamat sila ay alipin na ng karamdaman. Hindi lamang literal na pagkain ang ibinibigay nila kundi ang pag-asang madugtungan pa ang buhay nila para sa mga mahal sa buhay (karaniwan mga anak) na naiwan dito sa Pinas.

I remember the documentary I have watched about these terminally-sick (of cancer) OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers), although they are really burdened doing their jobs as domestic helper – they refuse to go back home in our country – it is because they are getting FREE MEDICATIONS in hospitals there in Hongkong (?) or Singapore (?), I forgot – as long as their job contract is not yet expired. Meaning, ‘the end of their contract is also the END OF THEIR LIVES’ because going home is NEVER an option knowing that they can not afford medications here and the government does not have any programs for them, correct me if I am wrong. They could not pay for expensive chemotherapy – most of the OFWs had their conditions surfaced while working abroad not before they left the country. I am very THANKFUL to those wonderful, kind-hearted foreign bosses they have for keeping them despite of their health conditions – they are not just giving them bread to eat but HOPE to LIVE longer…for their family (usually children) they left back home.

Sana po ay maging tunay na ‘sagot’  ng gobyerno ang pagpapagamot ng mga Pilipinong maysakit. Sa Makati po ang magpa-opera ay libre tunay na kuwento ito ng mga kaibigan ko cataract-operation ang isa. Kaya kahit hindi taga-Makati gustong kumuha ng yellow card sa kanila…ang maga mahal na check-up libre din, kaya nga ba ang mga lider duon ay sa ‘strength’ binabanatan ng mga kalaban sa pulitika kasi wala silang maipintas sa performance – alam ng mga tuso kung saan ang lakas nila dun sila dapat tirahin para sa bahaging iyon din ang maging dahilan para ayawan sila ng tao. Hindi ko pinapanigan ang mga Binay, nagustuhan ko lamang ang mga benepisyo, proyekto at serbisyo nila para sa mga taga-Makati.

I wish that the government can truly ‘take care’ of sick Filipinos. In Makati, medical operations such as cataract surgery is FREE, this is from a friend’s REAL story (Vice President is not joking when he brags of this achievement – and for me that is commendable). That is why even non-Makati residents wishes to have ‘yellow card’ (that is a health card) from them. Even the expensive check-ups are free. That is why the political leaders in Makati are shot to their strength because they have impeccable performance – a wise opponent knows that the weakness of another can be his strength – and if that performance made them loved by people, that performance can be traced for holes in it. If that can be targeted they know for sure that it is the BEST strategy to defeat them politically. I am not endorsing the Binays and I just admire their projects and works in Makati.

Exploring the Potential of Google Plus on Marketing Strategy

Google Plus spells a great difference on promoting a brand, organization etc. Why?

Everything you post is seen by everybody worldwide even they are not in your circle or  followers (unlike in facebook that there is also a public posting  but that ‘public’ can only see your posts only when they happen to see your account or profile.

In G+, your posts are visible to everybody unless you just choose to share your post to a particular circle (or group) or privately to a single person – there are pre-installed circle choices:

Sharing our Faith Online

Kapatid, nakapasyal ka ba man lang sa official website nating mga INC? Baka matagal ka nang gumagamit ng internet hindi ka man lang nakasilip kahit minsan dito? Lalo na ngayong may mga Pamamahayag ‘on air and online’, kahit walang sabayang gawain magagawa pa rin natin ito. You never have to forget about your favorite social sites, we can use that too. Here are the terms we should be familiar with:

Brethrens, were you able to drop by in our Iglesia ni Cristo official website? Maybe you have been using the internet for a long time but you never tried yet to even peek what is inside the online inter-active magazine/website we have. 

A Good Start for Your Family

Every morning I am thinking of what nutritious meal can I prepare without so much effort. There are a lot of recipes but it takes so much time and a lot of ingredients that must be readied to get it done.

It is Time to Tweet

What is Twitter? I define twitter as a social media’s child. Twitter becomes the marketing voice of social media posts such as on Blogger, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Youtube. Twitter is widely-used in mobile phones that is why it became really accessible.

Children's Awareness on Sex for a Good Cause

When to educate children about sex? No matter  how we delay, awareness and curiosity become our children’s companion as they grow-up since we could not regulate shows on tv (here in the Philippines, censorship is implemented by MTRCB – but there are still not so hot scenes left unedited for the sake of some stories). Although children did not see the actual intercourse, no matter how we try, the scenes before it are enough to arouse their curiosity – seeing two people kissing, undressing etc. And without our knowledge some of their peers might be the culprit too – those who have parents who collect pornographic materials who became irresponsible in storing them. Those who neglect their parental responsibility of keeping their children away from things they should not be in-the-know at an early age.

Getting Meatloaf Out Perfectly

When I am still single and sometimes tired from the day’s work in the office and mother is out-of-town, I have these moments of wanting to have dinner ASAP. The best choice would be canned meatloaf.  The problem I had is getting the loaf full and so I can slice and fry it. It always comes out cracked – you will lose appetite seeing it a mess and it is too difficult fry in small broken pieces.  Now, I know the technique- for those who had that same problem like I was telling, you have got to read this.

Meet the 'Cloud Storage' or Virtual Drive

Why You Don’t Need to Buy that Expensive External Hard/Flash Drive?

The world is getting digital nowadays, everything can be operated by computer from car factories to hospital operations and now virtual drive is getting into the scene. Yes, you do not need to have an ‘actual drive’ to bring around that sometimes went missing, damaged etc.

Villa Espina Falls, Quezon Province

Nowadays if you want to go to a place that will definitely please your senses, you have to pay for it. Tourist destinations – aside from transportation expense and maybe an overnight accommodation to enjoy the long trip. How about this FREE paradise...

My Kind of Coffee – Taste Plus Benefits

I never had a taste of coffee my entire life until I get married. I wonder how it tasted that my husband asks me to make him two cups at the most even the weather is scorching hot, whew! When I serve coffee, I refrain from tasting it unlike when cooking that I get to savor the dish before it could reach the dinner table – I consider coffee as something ‘personal’ because making a cup of it, it sure belongs to a particular person and tasting it for me is synonymous to ‘eating without  a serving spoon’ on a buffet dish. No wonder, I could not perfect the mixture for just a cup but I am perfectly aware that everyone has their own concoction of coffee close to taste buds-with cream, black, tealike etc. 

Google+ Followers

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