How to Put TEXT on Pictures

First, you have to install Adobe Photoshop CS3/6 or higher version in your laptop or PC, I recommend free software apps  from Softonic, google (synonymous to ‘search’), it.

Open the application. 

Important Option:
If you wanted to set the image size before you start, go to toolbars, click ‘IMAGE’ then on the dropdown menu choose ‘IMAGE SIZE’ then proceed to ‘DOCUMENT SIZE.  The common values for images (available on Photo-developing Studios) are:

Landscape mode:
2 x 3 inches (3R photo size)
5 x 7 inches
8 x 10 inches

Just interchange the width and height sizes per inch to work for a ‘Portrait’ orientation photo. This is important as NOT to distort image upon developing if your desired size is not met for the photo

1. Go to the toolbars on TOP and click ‘FILE’ then choose ‘OPEN’. Browse on the image/picture you wanted to modify. 

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