A MUST for Women of All Ages

Since puberty comes as early as ten years old for girls, having what they call whitish discharge (a.k.a. white mens as popularly known) is inevitable.  Girls and most probably every women need to stay fresh and clean all the time; not just at home when she can easily wash and change underwear, if out for school or for work sometimes that would be impossible. Now comes the modern solution – the invention of panty-liners. (This is not a sponsored post).

Spice Hack : Star Anise

I am not so familiar with this spice until I get to try cooking with it. On  a research from the web, I have found that this spice  gives that ‘hamonado’ taste to dishes.

Fruit Salad Hacks

Missed the salad from the holidays? There is no harm in concocting another with these few tips to make it more delicious.

Idiom Decoded: 'compare notes'

Idiomatic Expressions (talinhaga in Filipino language) – are phrases or words that does NOT imply or talk about LITERAL (word per word) meaning.

One of those idioms is:

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