Spice Hack : Star Anise

I am not so familiar with this spice until I get to try cooking with it. On  a research from the web, I have found that this spice  gives that ‘hamonado’ taste to dishes.

Dishes where you can put star anise:

-  Asado

It helps you achieve the Asado taste from the Chowking’s Siopao as well as 7-11’s in my opinion. Porkcooked in water, soy sauce, sugar and staraise.

-  pork Adobo

- pork barbecue basting sauce or marinade

- Tocino (sweetened pork)

Cook your store-bought tocino in ¾ cups water and two tablespoons cooking oil with a petal of it on a low heat so as not to burn the sugar content before it dies-up, remove and discard star anise.

That petal as shown on the right side of the photo above can flavor up to a half kilo of meat. If half kilo with sauce 'one whole star ' of it, will give the flavor. Remove and discard it once after a minute of smelling the aroma- that means the flavor is released.


Do not try putting a lot of it, it will make you feel like dizzy – it is too overpowering. Do not keep it lounging, discard after cooking, before serving.  It is not edible because of its hardness (like a chunk of wood) and whenever you warm the entrée the flavor diffuses out of it.

I hope this has given a NEW idea to perk-up your everyday dishes...if you find this post interesting, please give it a plus and re-share it on your favorite social sites.  Thanks a lot for doing that. Have a great day ahead.
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