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Since puberty comes as early as ten years old for girls, having what they call whitish discharge (a.k.a. white mens as popularly known) is inevitable.  Girls and most probably every women need to stay fresh and clean all the time; not just at home when she can easily wash and change underwear, if out for school or for work sometimes that would be impossible. Now comes the modern solution – the invention of panty-liners. (This is not a sponsored post).

The difference of a sanitary pad (one we used during menstruation is that:

sanitary napkin:

-thicker and larger
-more pricey
-not so comfortable to wear on a daily basis without the ‘red flag’


- thinner and shorter
- half the price of a sanitary pad
- comfortable for daily wear

I prefer the CAREFREE brand, I have tried the two other brands available in the country – the cheapest one  is of course a FAILURE on my assessment – it gets wet easily and it feels like a combined paper and plastic.  The middle-priced and was also endorsed by a well-known celebrity is not that good because it is not as comfortable to wear as CAREFREE and there seemed not enough fillers inside it to keep me fresh all day. My favorite brand feels cotton and really seems to have deodorizing effect – I do not really know what they put in it or maybe it is just the materials – I do not feel that there is plastic in it –it is so comfy. My ten-year old also uses it.  I review brands on my own that satisfied me a lot and would like to share my findings with you, friends.

For moms like me who have ten-year-old girls and up (and to you), I recommend Carefree pantyliner as your daily companion. I assure you, you will get the same satisfaction. You might have tried other brands and think you found the best, do not conclude yet till you have tried Carefree.

Product Rating: 5/5

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