The Truth about BBL Surveys

Why is it that surveys on Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) have resulted to greater percentage of disapproval?

I am not against any Survey Company especially the ones who are recognized for their honest exposé of opinion turnouts.  But all I have in mind is that, do you think these surveys represent the real opinion of our fellow-countrymen as a whole? Are those surveys conducted with those who really are familiar or have even a little knowledge of the issue? If YES, how sure are we really getting FAIR/UNBIASED answers?  There is no argument that they survey REAL people, BUT can we have the accurate proportion of the public who really are in-the-know of what BBL or other topics of great concern are all about?

If I will be asked of my opinion about something I really do not know about, I would rather abstain from giving my reply at the moment.  Being a responsible individual to myself and to others who want to get dignified answers in an issue – if they would insist I should share mine, I need to study and do some research beforehand (through the help of the real agencies, authorities who are knowledgeable of the subject matter I have to react on or even documents coming from trusted sources as my reference) observe around and watch discussions participated-in by individuals who are invited to speak as representatives of both sides of an issue. I can proudly say that I am not just basing my opinions from others’; I have mine with full integrity.

Accessorize and Feel Glamorous

Women can bring fashion sense to the next level by learning to accessorize. Accessories need not be that expensive, the design counts a lot, what it adds is not just the literal "ring", "bracelet", "necklace" or "brooch" - but an over-all impact of glamour, an elegance.

Here are some tips to consider in choosing accessories:

1. Pick unique ones, one-of-a-kind or not just seen or sold just anywhere.

This necklace is just a gift from my friend Roanna Cruz. I love this necklace so much not just because it has a sentimental value coming from a dear friend - this is very elegant. Made from a sea shell-Capiz (Windowpane Oyster), I seldom see accessories made from one that is making it special too. 

Capiz shell necklace

Your pick can be made  from any other different material like a necklace made from a genuine leather strap with a gem pendant or just a plain yarn string etc.

Sunday dress with the necklace...

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