The Truth about BBL Surveys

Why is it that surveys on Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) have resulted to greater percentage of disapproval?

I am not against any Survey Company especially the ones who are recognized for their honest exposé of opinion turnouts.  But all I have in mind is that, do you think these surveys represent the real opinion of our fellow-countrymen as a whole? Are those surveys conducted with those who really are familiar or have even a little knowledge of the issue? If YES, how sure are we really getting FAIR/UNBIASED answers?  There is no argument that they survey REAL people, BUT can we have the accurate proportion of the public who really are in-the-know of what BBL or other topics of great concern are all about?

If I will be asked of my opinion about something I really do not know about, I would rather abstain from giving my reply at the moment.  Being a responsible individual to myself and to others who want to get dignified answers in an issue – if they would insist I should share mine, I need to study and do some research beforehand (through the help of the real agencies, authorities who are knowledgeable of the subject matter I have to react on or even documents coming from trusted sources as my reference) observe around and watch discussions participated-in by individuals who are invited to speak as representatives of both sides of an issue. I can proudly say that I am not just basing my opinions from others’; I have mine with full integrity.

I cannot help but speak about these surveys that greatly influence the public – there are observers who just go with the flow, side with the majority  without scrutinizing or weighing  the sides of an issue to be able to be fair to one’s own self and to give worthy, unbiased opinion.  It is objectionable to see reporters on tv asking just anybody, bystanders, a teenager/student and just anyone who he comes across with. I suggest asking them first how they understand for example, the Bangsamoro Basic Law – if they give a relevant answer that is MAYBE the time they should be asked of their opinion. I can imagine some of those being asked cannot even define the acronym BBL and what more if asked about it?!  I am not belittling those who are surveyed, not a lot ALL of them of course are not well-aware of the issue but can we really gauge the reliability of a survey?  Do survey results give us guarantee of thinking,  that we, the PRO-BBL should be affected because we are just little in percentage from those who are against it?  Think twice if you are one of those who take side with the opinion of the many (thru surverys) not just about the BBL issue.  The government has released a copy of the BBL Draft through concerned government branches (OPPAP) and I am glad to have found a copy of it, it took them some time making it available for public consumption or it just did not yield on my search results on Google the first times I came looking.

What if those thousands of surveyed are out-of-school youths? What about if half of the surveyed are teenagers, most are not really interested on the BBL issue (just a few who really want to get involved) believing that it is just a concern of the Moro people. More what ifs… boiling down to one important fact: Surveys are just numbers without much significance. Quantity surveys give us fact indeed but QUALITY is questionableProfiling the surveyed individuals might help but there are only few who wanted to be disturbed of the process – especially these days that everybody is busy with business, work or studies. A few would sit-down for a longer interview time and would think twice of giving personal information to strangers conducting a survey.

I know the BBL issue needs more time to review being the draft itself is more than a hundred page.  But if you really want to give your opinion, be responsible. Go out on your way to collect not just information or hearsays – find facts from RELIABLE sources, from there draw your judgment of the matter. Be wiser, make sure that you can defend your preference too. Do not just speak or response haphazardly, you may contribute to a mistaken verdict. If you do not want to take painstaking research and understanding of a particular issue, so be it! But please, PLEASE abstain from taking sides, pretending to know the issue will not take us far and will soon leave us regretful later; BBL is just one, there might be more concerns that need our VALUABLE opinion.

Just hearing an opinion from a famous person should not intimidate us. I remember the sibling senators who maybe did not review their “lessons” attending the BBL session – one diverting away the discussion to SAF 44 Issue,  Senator Drilon is just kind to had reminded the “brother” to stay on the topic of the session; the other sibling asking an irrelevant question – wherein what she is asking is clearly stated on the Draft about the police force of the Bangsamoro region (still under PNP)! . See, ranks may not be a basis of whether an opinion is righteous or not. Doing our very own assignments of researching on any issue would give us awareness and having democracy in our homeland, each one of us is entitled to our very own opinion. We need not be Solons to speak our minds! Awareness makes our judgment worthy enough to be told.

I hope I have said it well my dear readers and had helped influence many to be responsible on taking surveys or even the respondents too.

Here is a link on  my BBL Reaction Paper.

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