Health Benefits of Unprocessed Dark Cocoa aka Chocolate

We always hear of dark chocolates being good for the heart.  True, but do you know that here are about two times more antioxidant in an unprocessed  cocoa seed than the dark chocolate we can buy in packages from stores? Being processed, cocoa looses 90% of polyphenols/flavanoids when roasted.
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Polyphenols are chemicals from plants that had been proven to have significant health benefits that could prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetis and high blood pressure according to the American  Cancer Society (

Health Benefits of Eating Dark Cocoa Backed by Scientific Studies:

How to Keep Flowers Fresh for Long

Years ago, I have learned some tips from a florist in Dangwa, Philippines on how should flowers can be kept for longer even it is not a bud anymore.  I have kept the flowers for three more days. I bought the flowers November 2, only means the flowers are just leftover from the November 1 occasion - the flowers have been picked from the farm a few days earlier.  As the owner told me their farm is in Baguio.
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I had to believe the flower shop owner can truly help me preserve it longer as I needed them on my wedding on the 5th of November.  The flowers are long stemmed red and white roses (I chose the once that are still in bud and a few in bloom) I bought around sixty dozens. And this is what I have been taught and it is effective, I just followed it religiously. 

Lesson II : Confusing Plural Form of Some Nouns

There are still few nouns that are a little confusing when changed to their plural form.  These are some that I remember:

                                            Ox =  is NOT oxes 

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