Kyowa Induction Cooker Product Review Plus More

After around 10 years of using gas stove, I finally decided to try the innovation in the cooking industry today –  the induction cooker.  A gas stove with an 11kg tank is good for one  and a half month in my household. A filled gas tank costs me around seven hundred pesos (PhP 700/45days = PhP 15.55 daily costs), that is about 15-17 US$. Good if the gas costs remains stable but the month before my last buy, it costs me nine hundred plus pesos (US $20-22) bringing the daily consumption to twenty pesos. 

Economically speaking, induction cooker (powered by electricity), which I have been using for almost five months now just costs me around three hundred pesos ( US $6-8) a month, giving me around PhP 450  (US $ 10-12)for one and a half month or forty-five days ( a consumption in an average of P10/daily) – almost half on gas consumption. 

More of the Advantages of Using an Induction Cooker:

1. It is hassle free to use. Very user-friendly.
Just learning few important keys and features, you are up for years of cooking till the stove is worn-out :)

2. No heavy-lifting needed. Never runs out of fuel, just plug it and voila! Go cooking your favorite family meals in no time at all!

3. Just one time payment of PhP 1,000+ /US $ 22-24 (there are more expensive brand) buying the stove, lets you enjoy cooking till you drop.

4. Safer. Lower risk of fire compared to gas stove. No open flame.

5. You would not burn your hands while cooking because every part is heat-free, having a crystal surface, even it is plugged unless a magnetic metal (stainless pots and pans) comes in contact with the surface, it would not be activated to cook. Very safe for kids who are just starting to boil water or  learning to cook easy fried /sautéed meals.

Why I recommend Kyowa Induction Cooker Model No. KW 3631

1. It has one year warranty.

2. It has a timer, a very helpful feature you may want to consider in choosing your induction cooker. If you are going to take a bath and the viand you’re cooking just needs to simmer or a little boiling, you can set the timer as needed, depending on the situations.

3. Boiling water is faster than ever.

4. Adjustable thermostat aside from fixed cooking modes coupled with timed cooking.  Just choose the adjustable mode in sautéing so as not to burn your ingredients when you need to lower the heat emission.

5. Durable crystal-glass plate.

6. Easy to clean. 

7.  Handy or easy to handle and good for travel/camping and those who lives in a rented place. Easy to pack and move.

8. Lower risk of fire.
Unlike in gas stove that connector-hose may be bitten by rodents and or be depleted by wear and tear, possible gas leak and explosion may occur. The burners (gas stove) too, getting corrosion and chipping may cause huge air leak and we know what is next...

General Disadvantage of Induction Cookers:
(Any product brand)

-Usage is dependent to electricity supply, in our country only during brown/black-outs, is my dilemma. So I chose to have a gas stove too as a contingent.  You may opt for a mini-gas stove instead (gasulet as they call it, maybe a gallon of gas fills the tank) and lesser explosion if something happens.

-Catering to big group of diners would be impossible because larger pots, kettle and pans cannot be used. You have to cook twice.  Over-sized pots/pans can damage the stove.  I am not sure if they had manufactured bigger-sized cookers these days.

- Need to change your cooking pots/pans to induction cooker-friendly.  Here is what a pan looks like:

That big round spots indicate that is induction-cooker
friendly pan :) It is a stoneware.

Useful Suggestion:

-stainless steel cooking pots and pans are compatible, be careful NOT to buy alloyed aluminum and steel ones. Just bring magnet to make sure, ref magnets are handy.Some pots may look like made from stainless steel materials but magnets would not stick, I have tried many :) Your induction cooker will not activate using wrong pots.

Product Rating: 5/5

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