I Did Not Just Pay for the Shirt

I joined the “Worldwide Walk for Yolanda Victims” February last year. I remember getting a shirt stamped for the “cause”. I still have it in my drawer. But my two hundred fifty pesos (as I remember paying) did not only left me a shirt to remember but it had helped BIG to those who were really unfortunate that mournful moment of their lives.

The Walk spearheaded by Iglesia ni Cristo did not only gave new and sturdy homes to the victims of the terrible typhoon but has brought new life and REAL NEW beginning to the beneficiaries NOT limited to church members alone. 

The homes are livable – there is water, electricity, safe walls and above all there is something inside the community that gives them long-term relief not just for days, weeks or months but probably for a lifetime – farming tools with the necessary techniques (through seminars just as what has been provided in Agusan resettlement –even invited foreign experts to teach latest technology on farming) and equipment; dried fish factory; garment factory— sewing training with pay and employment later on, I was told by a friend who is employed in the same Nueva Ecija resettlement Unlad Garment Factory too.  Those will surely give new life and hope to the unfortunate victims of the catastrophe.

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