Warming Rice in a Rice Cooker

Before, I get trouble washing the rice cooker pot because of toasted rice sticking stubbornly inside.  I had to submerge the pot in water for longer time to soften it for me to be able to wash it thoroughly. Besides, heating the rice on a pan, you will need to use oil unless you have a stoneware or other nonstick pan - not so healthy and if fried with garlic does not go well with soupy dishes unlike the steamed.

Reaction Paper: Board of Inquiry Report on Mamasapano

The whole country is divided again after the Draft of the report from the Board of Inquiry in Mamasapano Incident was aired on National TV.  Demonstrators flooded the streets asking the President to resign after Senator Grace Poe (Chairperson of Senate Probe on Mamasapano) stated that the President is the ultimate responsible on the death  of  SAF 44.

My reaction would be, wait! It is still the DRAFT, only few among the Board have signed it yet because some of them, upon reviewing, have objections with the result summarized in the Report. Let us not conclude yet.

Although the report boils down to one thing, I do not think it is "lack of coordination" the best way to describe it is "wrong coordination".  I have said that because there is coordination indeed!  The "Oplan Exodus" (Marwan and Uzman as targets, int'l. terrorists) was planned ahead of time as early as April 2014. I remember it was mentioned in a news report that the President has given orders to then RELIEVED PNP Chief Allan Purisima as early as January 16 (January 25 Mamasapano Encounter) - there, the President did not fail to advise Gen. Allan Purisima to coordinate with the AFP with regards to the plan but maybe has FAILED to coordinate with the acting PNP Chief Leonardo Espina (the President has done this maybe on the basis that the whole project was started and planned with Purisima who has whole knowledge of it from its formulation, remember Purisima was just relieved on duty Dec. 19, 2014).  But as per Senator Miriam Santiago's lawful point, the Ombudsman's order was contempt - that it was not implemented knowing that the definition of a relieved government official is that - he shall not exercise his functions in the office  while under the suspension. The question I have in mind is that, "Had Purisima coordinated with the AFP as instructed as early as he was told by the President?". I think we have no right in asking him to do that because he should not be doing what he was refrained to do while under a government sanction.  

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