Best Tips for Expecting Moms

There is no shortcut for excited moms-to-be, here are few guides and hints to help you cope on the firsts months of your newborn:

The Birthing Day

Prepare a hospital bag, so husband and family members will not forget anything in panic, fill it with:

- your comfortable easy-to-slip on clothes

- underwears (panties and brassier)

- slippers or flat sandals for you

- your toothbrush

- your own spare blanket and pillow

- thermos with hot water (or plug-in airpot)

- Distilled water (Wilkins or Absolute)

- Baby wipes (do not buy generic and cheaper brands it may contain harsh chemicals)

- plastic cup, disposable spoon and fork, plate

- your baby’s blanket (pranela/lampin), booties, gloves and cap to cover her on the first minutes. Name your baby’s stuff, the nurses MIGHT interchange them accidentally with other babies in the nursery (it happened to my firstborn, we got an old blanket/pranella and the new ones was given to another baby – do not worry we did not protested, we let it be…just wanting you to be reminded of it).

* medium size towel

* soap (for the baby)  to give the birthing assistants

*adult diaper for you (the first days after giving birth – you will get a heavy flow (like menstruation).

*70%  alcohol

-In a PLASTIC ENVELOP (put inside the bag):
*Philhealth/Medicard Documents and receipts (photocopied)
*Marriage Contract of Parents (original and photocopy 2pcs)
*Credit Card/Cash/ATM
*Black ball pen
* Be sure to have a CLEARLY WRITTEN COPY of your child’s name for the hospital to register – check on the birth certificate (spelling, date, parents’ name, middle initial –for sure check the whole document)

The moment you see blood spotting on your underwear that is the time...

Buying Clothes

It is not so practical to buy lots of clothes for the first six months because your baby is growing too fast but still, there is another option if you still insist on buying – buy larger sizes (BUT not too big to swallow the whole of your baby!), that is to make sure that the baby can use the clothes for more than just a month or two and you need not buy another set sooner…

If you are too excited to buy clothes for the baby and you do not know the gender yet – you can not go wrong with white and or yellow – it looks fine on both sexes.

Colorful (resembling flowers) clothes might attract insects more although they look really nice to see.

It is important to buy BIB too. Include it on your buying list.

It is best to choose plain than the printed ones so you can easily see or catch even the smallest insect that might pester the baby.  It is also recommended in buying linens (pillow case and bed spreads).

Another thing to consider is comfort in clothes-changing, cotton shirts and undershirt (sando) might look best and comfy design, the cloth itself is the best because it is breathable but BETTER choose the buttoned or Velcroed front clothes even for overall (clothes with socks and hood) clothes. Babies are very delicate and might easily get hurt just getting the shirt out while the buttoned once can easily be removed by simply lifting her back while protecting her head. Make sure to get the one with smallest and buttons (sometimes hidden by a piece of cloth) and always check if they are still adhering tightly every after washing – accidents on swallowing is possible. Zippers might irritate the baby’s skin.


Babies want to feel warm like they are inside the womb – especially in the cold days. Do not forget to buy her three-fourths shirts.

Choosing Diapers

Although the use of cloth diapers is the best for baby’s skin and comfort, busy ‘mom and dads’ prefer diapers that offer the same convenience plus more.  Considerations:

- the efforts (if you can pay for a laundry, good). The time you will spend on washing can be your rest timeo bonding time with your baby.

- the consumables like water bill, electricity bill (on ironing for disinfecting), detergent soap

To sum it up, it almost costs you the same, indeed! Why not choose convenience? There are diapers that feels like cloth and as soft as cotton. Do not go for the plastic ones.

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