Reaction Paper: Why Not a Standard Curriculum for College Courses Nationwide?

There are times in our lives that we have to move from one place to another and if you are in College, you have to gone through this experience as mine.  I was wondering all my life why is not there a standard curriculum everywhere in the country for college courses? I had to brought this up because of  what it made me and this is a prevalent issue in the  country's education system today.

How to Fold Undies Neatly

Organizing your children's underwear drawers by category will be a lot neater if folded neatly.  One of the hardest to fold are panties. I learned this technique from my mom (the credit is hers) and I wanted to share it to those who do not know how to do it yet.  

This is the folded underwear (to show the front design print,
it must be folded with its back laying down on the surface)

Here is how you do it.

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