Reaction Paper: Why Not a Standard Curriculum for College Courses Nationwide?

There are times in our lives that we have to move from one place to another and if you are in College, you have to gone through this experience as mine.  I was wondering all my life why is not there a standard curriculum everywhere in the country for college courses? I had to brought this up because of  what it made me and this is a prevalent issue in the  country's education system today.

I took up B.S. in Accountancy during college(in Cabanatuan City), we had to move in Manila for some important inevitable reasons.  That time I was in third year college. Accountancy course during that time is only four years - good that I have not taken it up the next school year because it was made five years.  Unfortunately, colleges in Metro Manila when I had my transcript-of-records from Araullo University, (Cabanatuan) assessed for the grades that can be credited when transferring, I have gone to three universities and I was told that mostly English subjects will just be credited (or accepted) just a bit thankful that my 1.02 (equivalent to 98) grade given by my teacher Mrs. Minerva Ranieses on my English Speech class is valid; as they say, the curriculum is different. The three long years will just be trashed. If I were to total the credits for the English subjects, it is less than the total units offered for a semester...

What a waste?! Thinking of all other subjects that were not credited, it is really a waste of  money, efforts and most importantly - TIME.  This is not in any way helping the students and the parents as well.  

In reality, there is discrimination on graduates from provinces - in job hunting, the graduates from Metro Manila Universities were given more priority.  I just thought that it is maybe the same reason why they nearly not accept a single grade from the university in the province.

Another school registrar told me that I have to go back to first year level if I really wanted to pursue my course. For that, I had to take another course instead, that is why I had a semester of an Education course (from a State University - Phil. Normal University (Manila) on my Curriculum Vitae. My grades are almost the same with that of what I had in the province, the Current Issues professor, Dr. Regino Paular ( a graduate from a University in Madrid, a holder of a doctorate degree in Philosophy, who was then the Administrator/Director of the Philippine National Library) has given me a grade of 1.25, that is just one of the subjects. The Civil Service SubPro Exam I took is another proof. Modesty aside, I did not say all these to brag but to somehow prove that students from the provinces are competitive too. 

Have you not heard of the  CPA (Certified Public Accountant) board passer from Naga who ranked FIRST on the list, years ago?  I heard of it because she is on the same religion as I am. She vested all the board takers from reputable universities in Manila

If somebody from the CHED (Commission on Higher Education) and DepEd (Department of Education) can read this, as well as the lawmakers - I hope them to be inspired of authoring bill about this. How about a Commission on promulgating standard curriculum for all the universities in the country - only, the universities have to passed strict qualifications to offer a particular course so that the quality of Education is not compromised at all.

It's good that I still had better jobs in offices when I was still working before; not having the "paper" 
just passing the exams and interviews, whew!  But believe me it does not work for some undergrads and they end-up unemployed or underemployed working as a saleslady or a DH abroad.  I do hope that the government and the legislators work about it.

Medical Associate/MedRep
Integrated Sales Innovator Phils., Ortigas
"Family Planning Concept" Promotion to
Doctors & Midwives Flagship Project of USAID
(Final Job before Settling Down)
DILG Kamuning, QC - Secretary to the
Dir. for Public Affairs.
(3rd Job before I went back schooling)
      2nd Job: Gennai Phils., Inc. (Taguig)
         Japanese Heavy Equipment Firm

1st Job: Admin. Sec.
Berlein Electronics Corp.,
Parañaque, Head Office
The sacrifices of the students and parents should be given importance and if the government is also concern about the well-being of its people - this will help many Filipinos achieve their dream.  Because we all know that that piece of paper called "diploma" matters in our employment sector.

I appreciate the K-12 implementation of the government, but  that is just applicable for the current students. The ALS (Alternative Learning System) is just for elementary and high school but of BIG help too.  I do hope there will ALSO be a program for college levels too.

If you are from CHED or DepEd, I shall be delighted to hear from you. Readers' comments, opinions and views will be well-appreciated.

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