Passing the Philippine Civil Service Sub-Pro Exam: Part I

I took up the Civil Service Sub-Pro Exam years ago having an average rating of 89.83% perhaps I can be of help for those who have plans to take the exam.

For my foreign readers, Pinoys (Filipinos) are only given the chance to work in government offices having the Civil Service Eligibility/License.

The Exam does not have  a test paper to fill out, computerized answering. On the morning of the Exam date held at NCR CS office I can hear talks about worries on passing the exam because I accidentally heard that that is her third time taking the exam - the last take everyone is entitled.  Others are second takers, me and my brother Angelito are among the first timers.  Yes, the exam is quite difficult.

The exam questions (in English) are something like these, these are just examples:

How to Spin Dry Underwear and Sensitive Garments Safely

Putting the sensitive garments (laced, garterized, thin fine clothing) inside a pillowcase helps a lot and prevented loosening garters and destroying laces.  


1. Choose a pillowcase that is as big or a little bigger than your spin dryer.

Trim and Shape Your Waist in Minutes Effortlessly for Men and Women

I have downloaded and bought an aerobics DVD to follow and help me burn excess fats - many said it is effective considering it is included in your daily routine. I could not comply, sometimes I forget. Sometimes, I really do not have spare time at all.

The Best Way to Cook Canned Meatloaf

Worried about too much oil in your everyday meals?  Moments like you ran out of stock in the fridge and the canned foods in the cabinet are your only option.

First, let us open the can.  Top and bottom to make sure you can push the loaf perfectly in shape after passing the knife around it.  Even you got EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or Canola - both healthy oils, just save them for other meals. 

Japan Surplus Shops : The Trending Shoppers' Destination in the Philippines

"Ukay" is the Tagalog/Filipino word for secondhand/pre-owned items.  The purchasing power of Philippine peso has declined compared to decades ago, my fellow-countrymen has always been resourceful on stretching the household's budget.  And to this, Japan Surplus Shops came to the scene. The shops are widespread in Metro Manila before but now have conquered even the small towns in the provinces.

The shops do not only offer some pre-owned clothing or bags but also furniture like cabinets (anti-termite-treated), golf clubs, shoes, dinnerware (Noritake, Arcopal, Pyrex are some good finds), electronic equipment - amplifiers, dvd players as well as speakers.  There are both in the extremes, from the finest to the simplest. 

The quality? Spill-out your meticulous side and you can get items that looks like never been used before. In fact, the tags are still hanging.

Ice Bucket with Stainless Steel Handle

The items are stand-out for their uniqueness yet reasonably priced. People from all walks of life have been their good patrons.  

I also found these bags there:

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