Lady's Bag MUST Haves

Going out with your best-buddy, your bag? Here are some tips to get your day going worry-free!)Not listed in the order of importance)

1.  Wet Tissue

Used for smudged make-up, refresher – coming from a travel in a polluted area or being sticky because of sweat due to humid weather.

It is very useful in situations that you felt the need to do a "call of nature" too, wherever you are and whenever it is you will no longer hold it back because you do not have soap and it is really a seconds-emergency, no way you can find a store to buy.

2. Alcohol and cologne in an atomizer bottle

Recipe: Successful Love Relationship

What is the secret behind successful relationships? Is it physical beauty? I do not think it is, because I saw and met a lot of beautiful faces men and women so to speak but still end-up with a ruined relationship not just in early stages of “boyfriend-girlfriend thing" but also in marriage.  Is it stability? I knew successful wealthy partners up to this date and also middle-class couples that still survived their relationship for years too, that could not be the factor for some.  But we can not deny that it could be one of the reasons. Have a look at these surefire ways:

1. Perseverance and calmness

Abstain from talking back while the other is angry. This huge effort on the part of either the man or woman pays off. Avoiding discussion while the other is “fiery” , keeping the mouth shut for seconds or minutes goes a long way. Yes, it pays…try explaining when the other is relaxed if you wanted to answer the things hurled against you. Why? While the one is angry, believe me he sees no reason, she hears nothing but her voice. Frequently, the person who is angry is not in the right frame of mind, not only liquor and drugs can be overpowering but anger too.

Whatever your partner said, he did not mean it. The words are just brought about by spur-of the-moment situation. Do not harbor it against him. Let it just enter your left ear and throw it out on the right. I admit this is my weakness but I am trying to overcome it.

Let Criticisms Change YOU for the Better

Nobody loves the word CRITICISM, even me… but it exists in the dictionary… and in the real world! That means we cannot avoid it, all we can do is to face it and not be crushed by it

Literally criticisms are mere words, but as they say - words are more remembered than physical wounds inflicted on us. They kept ringing on our mind for days, weeks and even for years unlike wounds that just leave an ugly scar that we learned to forget that is there. To that, we can turn these criticisms as motivators to help us grow better.  We have to keep in mind that people who criticize are mostly the authorities, people who have higher ranks and the jack of his trade, the boss who pays us sometimeswe better refrain from criticizing if we are not those mentioned above because we may end-up a laughing stock not having every ‘right’ to do that. Those rightful critics can help us change to become somebody. Appreciate it when your ‘writing’ is being criticized that means you get their attention, they gave time to read what you scribbled-on and best of all, these criticisms are camouflaged suggestions that you can take positively for your work to develop and later on bring  success on your part . If others criticize you for your work, strive to improve it the next time you will be given another chance.

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