Lady's Bag MUST Haves

Going out with your best-buddy, your bag? Here are some tips to get your day going worry-free!)Not listed in the order of importance)

1.  Wet Tissue

Used for smudged make-up, refresher – coming from a travel in a polluted area or being sticky because of sweat due to humid weather.

It is very useful in situations that you felt the need to do a "call of nature" too, wherever you are and whenever it is you will no longer hold it back because you do not have soap and it is really a seconds-emergency, no way you can find a store to buy.

2. Alcohol and cologne in an atomizer bottle

For safety using your hands.  Atomizer (or little containers mostly comes in transparent plastic bottle with a spray mechanism, you can still buy the large bottle of alcohol or even cologne for bigger savings).You just need to label it with a masking tape. Or you can opt to buy the smallest bottle of the alcohol (70% solution) and cologne then remember not to throw the bottles,  replenish it next time when it runs out.

3. Panty liner/Sanitary napkin

Added women protection. Either pad can be bought individually-packed for easy and safe handling.

4. Handkerchief/handy pack of tissue paper

For sneezing, wiping your mouth etc.

5. Safety pin/thread and needle

They may not always be needed but there is nothing wrong with being prepared, it would not take a quarter part of your bag to house them. If you r dress/pants’ buttons went missing etc., you can just lounge in the CR for a while sewing or putting the safety pin to fix the problem.

6. Nail Cutter

My technique is that, I put it on my home’s key chain, it will always come back in my bag BECAUSE “I never left the house without the front door’s key…”when I forgot to trim my nails, restroom would be the best place to do it as long as the cutter is in my bag.

7. Pen and Post-it paper

Those are important, there are unexpected situations that you need to remember something and this pair comes handy. Like phone numbers you need to take note of immediately (e.g. FOR SALE car, house for rent, wanted for employment etc. you come across with while riding the bus where  saving on a cellphone needs more time.

It can also be helpful to list what you need to buy or remember, scribble it in the post-it paper and keep it on the top page of the pad. Don’t forget to put it back in your bag after listing.

8. Current Home Bills

Always put the bills folded in a little zip-lock plastic so that you can check the dates when it is due and it is right there with you when you are out and when you need to pay it.

10. Bag Organizer

It is very useful, the common style of bag organizers are plain, rectangular with lots of different-sized pockets outside; there is for your lipstick, powder (it fits right that it will not spill), and a larger pocket (can be room for your pen etc.) Organizers not only keep your bag organized but also CLEAN, no powder spills and unwanted pen markings on your bag etc.

11. Phone charger/Extra cellphone battery

If we are having too many calls a day, we have to bring charger, just make sure the wire is not lose, you can use rubber band or twist tie ( if not arranged,  the wire may be pulled-out from fastening inside its head causing it to fail)  , better or have an extra battery for immediate switching.

12. Mobile Phone and or Pager

Mobile phone is not luxury anymore, it is a necessity. I put it last on the list because this might probably be the first thing that comes to your mind on listing what your bag should have inside.

Make-up kit. Some would want to bring an extra thin-to-fold changing shirt or blouse (depending on the cloth, there are kinds that rolled not more than an inch-thick. It can be wrapped in a paper or plastic to keep your bag in order then stand it like pole in one of the corners that is if your bag is roomy.


Self-defense  gadget.
Bring that “tear gas” for your protection. I would not suggest any sharp material like knives because men are proved to be physically stronger than women, it may just be snatched from you unlike “pepper sprays” that will keep the villain distracted for a while for you to run for help.

I hope to have shared with you some handy tips that will give you a stress-free and enjoyable  day out!  If you like this post, don’t forget to give it a plus. Recommend me on Sverve (just hit the field you may want to recommend me on). And thanks for your continuous support to this homegrown-mag. Have a great day everyone!
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