Learn Filipino: Correct Usage I

In writing or speaking my native language Filipino, it is wrong to translate words literally because it may sometimes appear funny or 'barok' in Tagalog. Here is among the wrong translations and the way to say them correctly.

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English-Tagalized Accounting Lesson: FIFO/LIFO Methods

Cost Accounting

 ‘First In, First Out’ (FIFO) method of accounting for inventory
That means the first supply you have purchased will be sold before selling the new arrival. 

Kung anong unang binili siyang unang ibebenta.

For example here is what makes-up our current stocks inventory:

Halimbawa ito ang nilalaman ng paninda mo na binili mo sa mga sumusunod na puhunang halaga:

10 pcs.  pillows  bought @  P50.00 each Oct. 30
15 pcs. pillows bought @ P70.00 each Nov. 15

15 pillows were sold. 
Nakabenta ng 15 pillows.

That means our computation would be adding the following inventory costs:

Ang pagkukuwenta natin ay ang total ng mga sumusunod na halaga mula sa ating imbentaryo:

10 x      P  50.00   coming from Oct.30 stocks (mula sa binili natin nuong Oct.30)
5 x             70.00   coming from Nov.15 (mula sa binili natin ng Nov.15)

Writing an Authorization Letter

From time to time there are inevitable situations that we can not personally go out to fetch some important documents we needed. We choose to delegate the task to our close friend or relative, for that -to save time and effort or make sure that the acquisition could be accomplished, one needs to bring an Authorization Letter for his transaction to be honored in case the real document owner will not be present during the application process. Here is a help, I made you a sample:

'Confusing Words' Hacks

Here are three pairs of words we sometimes interchanged when writing sentences. 

 - denotes ownership or possession, always precedes/come before a noun.

your car (you own the car)
your attaché case (you own the attaché case)
- your grandchild
- your company

Three Ways to Shorten Words or Phrases

- are shortened words formed by deleting some of its letters with the replacement of a period.

- mostly used to address people’s occupation/political rank/educational attainment- usually starts with a capital letter WHEN preceding a proper noun.

- when occurring in a sentence without a proper name that comes after, it is just written in lower case.


Dr. = doctor
Engr. =  engineer
Gov. = governor
Col. = colonel

Divisoria 'Change' Modus

If you plan to shop in Divisoria - the best shopping destination in the Philippines terms of pricing, wholesale or retail - here is something you should be aware of not to become victims of this modus:

Kung nagplaplano kang mamili sa Divisoria - ang pinakamurang bilihan dito sa atin bultohan man o tingi, kailangan mong malaman ang modus na ito para huwag kang mabiktima ng mga kawatan:

Here is the modus also in Tagalog/Filipino:

- I bought something, my change was given.
   May binili ako. Iniabot na ang sukli ko.

- I was about to keep the change in my bag when a man approached me (I think he is with the vendor   the way they interacted)

  Itatago ko na sana nang may lumapit na mama sa tingin ko kasamahan nung nagtitinda.

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