Thoughts about the 'NO UNIFORM POLICY'

I was in doubt if I had to laud the incoming President Duterte on his plans of implementing the ‘NO UNIFORM’ policy on government-owned/public schools here in my country, Philippines because of the following reasons I want to share with you:

The idea at a glance can help cut the cost on educating students.  I have said at a glance because, if we have to think deeper – it will be added burden for parents to produce presentable clothes that their children can wear in school.  The frequent use of SAME clothes can be a subject to criticism and mockery of bullies might later cause the underdog shame eventually leading to episodes of unwillingness of going to school.

This will also affect the well-being of the children feeling inferior of others wearing flashy and expensive clothes unlike when wearing uniform that everybody dons a white top and a blue pleated  skirts for girls or blue  shorts for boys –  nobody looks better than the others.  Students, especially little children who do not know much about parents’ budgeting might feel insecure and pity themselves for not having what others have

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