Enjoying FDLS Mag on Your Mobile Phones Tip

I viewed this website on a mobile phone and found out that yes it is responsive - the site fits to the phone, tablets' screen perfectly but the 'PAGE CATEGORIES'  and the 'OTHER TOPICS' navigation tools do not show-up. I highly recommend it be viewed on WEB VERSION - the button is located at the bottom of the post/posts - just click an the whole page with the complete details appear. You can now select the topics you wanted to read about. 

There are a lot more post on every page category only 10 posts are shown on a page. Click older posts at the bottom of the last post (means if a page contains 100 posts - 10 pages are available for viewing).

Shortcut Keys

Taking time inserting these two letters on your keyboard? Others usually get it from the 'symbols' in 'Insert' tool but here is an easy way:

MUST-know Abbreviations

We seldom read and see these most commonly-used abbreviations and we just get accustomed to what response we should give or at a first glance we really do not have any idea at all.  I hope this simple reminder and lesson will somehow  help you out friends and be confident enough to give a reply or comment.

FYI     =          For Your Information - spelled-out 
                        Seen on bulletin boards of companies, organizations to post updates of all sort.

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Creative Commons License
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