The Best Way to Cook Canned Meatloaf

Worried about too much oil in your everyday meals?  Moments like you ran out of stock in the fridge and the canned foods in the cabinet are your only option.

First, let us open the can.  Top and bottom to make sure you can push the loaf perfectly in shape after passing the knife around it.  Even you got EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or Canola - both healthy oils, just save them for other meals. 

Frying the loaf in oiled pan can make it too oily and soft.  Just place the loaf rings in a regular oven toaster for about twenty minutes, no need to grease the oven plate. It would not stick at all. The loaf will release its oil contents and make it tastier, evenly cooked.  Just turn each ring upside-down after seeing the top is a little brown.  

It is not stiff when cooked, not oily and you will know you never tasted meatloaf that way before! I would also recommend this cooking method for corned beef, if you do not have time to saute it.

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