Passing the Philippine Civil Service Sub-Pro Exam: Part I

I took up the Civil Service Sub-Pro Exam years ago having an average rating of 89.83% perhaps I can be of help for those who have plans to take the exam.

For my foreign readers, Pinoys (Filipinos) are only given the chance to work in government offices having the Civil Service Eligibility/License.

The Exam does not have  a test paper to fill out, computerized answering. On the morning of the Exam date held at NCR CS office I can hear talks about worries on passing the exam because I accidentally heard that that is her third time taking the exam - the last take everyone is entitled.  Others are second takers, me and my brother Angelito are among the first timers.  Yes, the exam is quite difficult.

The exam questions (in English) are something like these, these are just examples:

1. Spelling 

  Most commonly interchanged "e" and "i" - spelling demons

    receive      believe  
    deceive      retrieve
    receipt       science

  Words with "h" 

   theater               epitaph

  Words with "sc", "uou", "ou"

   conscience     ambiguous  
   continuous      ambitious
   superfluous     various

  Commonly misspelled Words

  acknowledgment (no "e" after "g")
  beautiful (there is "a" next to "e")
  occasion (not double "s")
  tomorrow (double "r" not double "m")
  reversible (not reversable)
  exercise (not excercise, no "c" next to "x")
  exempted (no "c" after "x" and there is  "p" after "m")
  privilege (no "d" after "le")

Words with double "m" , "s" and "t"


On my next posts or update of this post, I will discuss:

2. Correct Usage (Subject and Predicate Agreement)
 Here is the link on my post about the topic
 English Lesson

3. Vocabulary (meaning deciphered thru context clue)
4. Synonyms

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