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Day by day readers and followers are adding to Family,  Daily Living & Style, the visitors are kept on coming.  The site has just been around for four months on air having that bulk of visitors and followers on G+ is just quite good.

You might want to advertise your products and/or services with me. FamDaiLivStyle is now accepting products for review. Here is how:

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Reaction Paper: Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL)

Bangsamoro came from the words: Bansang Moro. I have watched an interview (The Bottomline with Boy Abunda) of ANAK Mindanao Party List Representative Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman (wife of ARMM Governor) - she said that even before the Spanish and American colonizers came to the Philippines they are a "a nation" on their own. They are even entering "Treaties" with other countries without the knowledge or permission of the Philippine Government. That somehow explains to us why the Moros (Muslim inhabitants of the Philippines) in our country are in a struggle to retain the government  of their own.

Being a Christian I can not fully understand their culture and beliefs, as well as the the Central Government MAY not- that is why the Aquino government is convinced that we must let them govern their own land and people with respect to that religious beliefs and culture.  It is always practical to elect a leader that knows his constituents very well - and most of the times, among them; like in the Muslim territory, a natural born Moro.

Transparent Screen Android App

Hi everyone! I have discovered a new HELPFUL app again.  It is the transparent screen application.

Possible uses:

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