Camouflage Actual Photo

Hi, I would love to share with you the beauty of nature and its inhabitants . This insect has managed to survive in its environment because of its color characteristic that blends with the greenery around. This insect though I am not sure if it is a grasshopper or maybe just a member of the family, stepped on Malunggay leaves and if you will not look at it closely, you will not know it is sitting there.

Other Great Uses of Wooden Plates

Wooden plates we can buy from most Japan Surplus shops are very useful in our kitchen.  They of course can be used as the regular purpose – do not be afraid of the varnish you see, for eating purposes the manufacturers of course used a health-friendly, we call that food-grade varnish.  No harm when small chips ingested.  I believe that is true because I knew of dyes that come from natural source like plants and the dye for chorizo from a kind of bug as seen in Food CIA. Government agencies regulating manufacturing plants will not allow harmful products be made like the function of  Health Departments.

Cleaning Mirror Surefire Tip

Finding it hard to clean your mirror? Wiping makes it look more dirty with water  vapor residue. No budget to buy the glass cleaner tool and detergent? Worry no more! Here is a surefire way to clean mirrors without the budget-wrecking cost:

Noble Evangelical Mission

It is not so usual that our beloved Church administrator to officiate evangelical missions , I suppose for the reason that he  is always moving around checking members around the globe, officiating house of worships’ inauguration and  a lot  more tasks being the Executive Minister of the Church. Last 26th of September, it happened worldwide via video link, and every linked sites are crowded with people from all walks of life, members and their guests (usually love-ones and close friends) who are not yet member of the church. If in ordinary missions, the brethren are assiduous in performing their duties; be it the choir, the SCAN members (who helps in preparing the venue physically and technically – setting-up the sound and video system, the seats for the guests, the stage, the traffic on the way to the location etc. headed by the church ministers and evangelical workers – this time they have been MORE tireless and excited!

My Three Wishes

Poems reveal our deepest emotions, in this poem it is true. I wanted to make life better for for my family, relatives and for the people around me.  I wanted to be of help to others in need but sad that fate can only answer if that could possibly be. When I reach forty, my hope for my dreams shall fade. Good, I still have five more years to aspire…

Nobody is happy for your sibling’s lost, knowing he was deprived of what he should have. That he should have been living a comfortably better life had not his father died and something borrowed was not paid. That brother is always around to give me a hand, now he is helpless, all I can do is to pray for his future.

I have written so many drafts that I did not mail.  It kept me up till dawn, planning my mom’s return to the flock. Worried what might happen every morning I wake-up, wishing to see mother’s name on the ‘Book of Life’ before two possible bad things could happen.

As of now, all I can do is to persevere on waiting for my three wishes to be granted and soon there will be a HAPPILY EVER AFTER. 

Awareness Campaign: Powder Soap MUST-know

Being one of the many moms around the world who use powdered detergent, I am concerned of the deliberate puncturing of each packed of detergent soap.  Yes, you read it right, PUNCTURING. 

I know every soap company wants to ensure delivery of premium product to the consumers – quality soap bursting with fragrance. Do you know that many stores around that do not have a suspended hangers for your products perforate (but not all!) the soap sachets for storage purposes, why?

Tips and Tricks on Getting the Right Shoes

They have been my companion since I was a child... every steps I take, the sad walk to the cemetery when my grandmother died, the happy walk on every Recognition Day in school, my every step to attend classes during college – they carried me patiently, they never left my side, or I should have said my ‘feet’!

At first my mom buys them for me. Then I was asked to choose and mom still pays for each pair. Until I get to have a chance to pick and pay for them, I bought one from my very first salary. They are my SHOES, my constant companion. Unlike your boyfriend, shoes will be there for you till the day you choose to let go…

Ladies, women, girls any way you wanted to be called, I know you have your favorite pair of shoes! And here are some interesting facts and tips about SHOES:

1.  Pointed-triangular shaped shoes make you  (not just your feet) look sexier.  I assessed it before as looking-like dwarf shoes JBut it is not! A friend,  Cielita Cruzada  gave me the idea. I was looking around Glorietta , in Makati while seeing different women and observe  what the pointed shoes make them.  Because of its longer and narrow toe part, a pair would create an illusion that you are taller and thinner.

2. Strapped sandals are the best for ladies with smooth skin especially fairer complexion. Detailed designs complement the feet’s skin and makes one’s feet attractive.  Proof of this, my feet (before not now lol) have always been noticed when I am wearing the very simple silver and strapped Rusty Lopez sandals.

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