Noble Evangelical Mission

It is not so usual that our beloved Church administrator to officiate evangelical missions , I suppose for the reason that he  is always moving around checking members around the globe, officiating house of worships’ inauguration and  a lot  more tasks being the Executive Minister of the Church. Last 26th of September, it happened worldwide via video link, and every linked sites are crowded with people from all walks of life, members and their guests (usually love-ones and close friends) who are not yet member of the church. If in ordinary missions, the brethren are assiduous in performing their duties; be it the choir, the SCAN members (who helps in preparing the venue physically and technically – setting-up the sound and video system, the seats for the guests, the stage, the traffic on the way to the location etc. headed by the church ministers and evangelical workers – this time they have been MORE tireless and excited!

As I arrived in the venue with my husband and children although those two former teachers of my eldest child I have invited are not available that evening, I am glad to see approximately thousand people arrived. Jeepneys from all over the Quezon East District queued in the gate of the Lopez National Comprehensive High School  on their way to Dolor Ampie Theater  minutes earlier before seven in the evening. There are around ten or more jeeps for each locale (you can find the numbers and Locale name adhered on the windshield of each arriving in the venue), it is really overwhelming. The seats are all given to the guests listeners, our church siblings are patiently standing around the roofed-venue on a see-through-wire fences.

The event is most waited by every member. We really have this fondness of the Executive Minister that we wanted to hear him preach our Lord God’s message although we knew of the lesson already. Not just the guests paid attention to the service but also the members keenly listen to the message.

I will never forget Bro. Eduardo’s words – that no matter  how you listen you will not learn anything unless setting aside existing opinions and beliefs – that is where I have gone through before I became  a member of this Church. Here’s a video clip of the Noble Evangelical Mission:

If you want to see the full and clearer version on the video visit Dakilang Pamamahayag and the official websites INCMEDIA.ORG and INC.NET

I dare you, friend. If you think nothing can change your  conviction based on your current religion, why not go to the nearest Iglesia ni Cristo Chapel (Church of Christ), see Church Directory to find the house of worship nearest you, it has the worldwide addresses .  That is if you think you are not afraid of losing anything. If you are sure of what you have right now, that you are in the right place where God asks you to be.  
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