Other Great Uses of Wooden Plates

Wooden plates we can buy from most Japan Surplus shops are very useful in our kitchen.  They of course can be used as the regular purpose – do not be afraid of the varnish you see, for eating purposes the manufacturers of course used a health-friendly, we call that food-grade varnish.  No harm when small chips ingested.  I believe that is true because I knew of dyes that come from natural source like plants and the dye for chorizo from a kind of bug as seen in Food CIA. Government agencies regulating manufacturing plants will not allow harmful products be made like the function of  Health Departments.

Aside from being used a dish or plate. I found a more useful function for wooden plates.  

No more stains on your table, no broken tiles, no more burned table cloth! Yes it can be used as a pot rest instead of thin holders made of cloth or rusting and rocking metal tri-pods why not a solid wooden plate to replace them?  

It is a good pick because most are made-up of thick wood, some are bowl high – this can avoid heat from reaching the surface of the table. And mind you, it looks good on the table, better than the conventional pot rests J Buy yours now, it will not cost you a lot.  I bought mine for about half a dollar each.  Is it not amazing?!
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