For the Country or for the Party?!

A group of topnotched lawyers and a college professor plans to file an impeachment case for the second topmost position in the Philippine government – the VP post –Leni Robredo.

In the past few months of Duterte administration, the VP has not been that supportive to the President.  VP Robredo may have fueled the international community’s suspicion that  violation of human rights had been prevalent even allegedly implying that the Duterte administration is behind all the killings (around 7000 – this record includes even domestic incidents and other cases not related to DRUGS, in FACT there is just around  2000+ comprising the number of victims in the aftermath of ‘War on Drugs’ compared to the millions of surrenderees.

To Trust or Not to Trust a Social Media Account

There  had been cases of cheating on Social Media – what is very alarming is the one aired  in Imbestigador – a grade 11 student who ended-up gang-raped and murdered (Jan7) in Trece Martirez, Cavite.

Ways to find out if the social media account is in good faith:

On Twitter:
- check the joining date (if it is not that long existing, be careful). Sometimes, there are really twitter newbies better observe it for months, the tweets and followers, before following back. 

- check the followers. If it is followed by many reliable people, trust your guts. 

- check the owner’s tweets. What kind of tweets he/she shares – the links, rude people share porn videos and nude photos or even enticing links that can hack your account.  Do not open the link on your social, right click, copy and paste the link address on a NEW TAB on your browser.

Reaction on Student Tours

In elementary and high school, this will not be necessary although travelling can add to children’s experience. During the school year several conventions, competitions and other activities  (Quiz Bees, Investigatory Projects, Schools Press Conferences, Beauty Pageants, Talent Tilts – oration, declamation, sports activities and even scouting/campings/jamborees) that can cater to that experience. After competing inside the school for Quiz, Pageants or Sports chances are there will be inter-school competitions in the sub-district/district, division, regional or even  national level that might bring students to far places literally. 

There is no really bad thing about having educational tours – granted that it is ‘educational’ in the real sense.  I heard of Baguio or Tagaytay tour – tsk is it not just an excursion for the good weather in the areas? Or MOA (Mall of Asia Arena) – if the purpose is camaraderie and team building then travelling will take hundreds or thousands of kilometers away for a pricey ticket, it is not so practical and truly irrelevant. 

Usually educational tours are sometimes boring destinations – the Planetarium, museums, zoo, aquariums, historical places if it is not; it is probably not one BUT an excursion (say a beach, mall or simply beautiful place without educational significance) or stroll.  This is happening, I have my husband’s niece who went in a tour from a school in Bicol to Tagaytay paying more than five thousand pesos (if I am not mistaken) and was obliged to join the expensive trip because of the ‘incomplete’ grade she might get.  The fees are maybe reasonable because of the bus rental and food BUT the trip?! Just a cold experience nothing related to any subject, maybe ‘sociability’, for that reason it can be cheaper and may be nearer.

Can we not just leave the excursions to families of each student and concentrate on the real sense of educational tour. Why the schools had been  MAYBE obliging whenever they held a ‘Tour’? Because the fuller the bus, the lesser will be the transportation expense of each joiner (dividing the bus charge to the number of attendees). Admit it or not, MOST maybe NOT all tours free the school staff who will join as guardians or the advisers.

Several accidents happened on such tours like:
1. drowned students
2. hit by the maneuvering bus while taking photos
3. latest, bus that loose breaks on the way to a camp site

I hope the Congress can make policies:

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