Speak Filipino Page: Words and Phrases Plus Reading Guide

Most commonly used Filipino Words and phrases (most but not ALL you can’t find in the dictionary because they are slang or street language):

The Filipino word (syllabication)
Pronunciation (exemplified in English sounds and words to correctly read each term/phrase)
Meaning (English equivalent/translation)
Example (sentence)

(read as ‘na’ in Narnia or as ‘nah’)
denotes at this very moment; now.

tara na  (ta-ra)
Read as ‘ta’ in taxi/ ‘ra’ in ramble
Literally means ‘let us go now’

muna (mu-na)
Read like the English words ‘moon-nah’
means ‘prior’ or ‘must be done first’

What Made Every ‘Iglesia ni Cristo’ Chapels a Stand-out Landmark?

I know that you have dropped by in this site for some other reasons than reading post about 'faith' but it may satisfy your curiosity if you will glance on this article plus links on pertinent Youtube videos.

Literally everywhere in the Philippines, INC chapels have always been a familiar sight.  Every corner even at the most inaccessible places – you will just be surprised how these chapels had been built (how are the materials transported) considering the difficulty of transportation brought about by topography. It has all been the work of our almighty God- he made these things possible with his help and guidance.

Many people are wondering what made the chapels sturdy and looking great all the time. The secret lies beyond its construction and planning as well as unceasing maintenance. Before every chapel is erected, various testing were done in all aspects – the soil and the calamity faults are studied (whether the place is prone to windy storms/earthquake fault etc.) to adopt the construction of each chapel to the unpredictable environment. Every chapel has a new and own approach in matters of planning and architecture same goes with the actual construction. Rip-rapping is done for erosion prone grounds. The roofing are fortified for those chapels built in stormy places.  No paint can last a lifetime that is why re-paintings are done almost yearly and there are quality inspection team sent from the Central Office to check on the status of the chapel (inside and the building itself), the compound and the improvements inside- they recommend fixings and some cleaning needs to maintain each chapel – no chapel is exempted even the pastoral houses and offices.

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