Philippines' Bilibid Drug Trade

An inquiry on Bilibid Drug Trade done ‘In aid of Legislation’ which means to help the legislators create laws in support of altering the existing condition of the prison system in the country and  NOT ‘of prosecution’ that is why most of the resource persons (esp. convicted drug personalities) were given immunity – whatever they have to reveal will not be used against them in court.

The recently concluded House Committee Hearing on Bilibid Drug Trade has yielded the REALITY behind drug proliferation in our country.  Summing it up:

Leniently manning the Authoritative Posts in running and supervising the National Prison (specifically Bilibid) has made drug trade inevitably existing mainly from the prisons as source point of transactions in the whole country. 

It was also concluded that Chinese Drug Lords are the main suppliers – finding out about floating drug laboratories in ships on sea dropping it off in large sealed heavy enough to sink containers to be fished-out by direct traders therein, it does not pass the scrutinizing of port authorities to be freely circulating around the country. What a wise tactic!

- Corruption in the System
Jayvee Sebastian, who is convicted of another case than drug-related was believed to be the latest frontrunner of the Drug Trade admittedly stated that the main culprit of the drug menace in the country is CORRUPTION from the lowest to the highest in ranks of the supposedly security guardians as well as administrative officials that instead of catching them while trading drugs had become their cohorts getting ‘payola’ bribe.

- Greed and Dirty Politics                       
National Bilibid Prison (NBP) is under the supervision of the Department of Justice, 

direct management of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCorr) with the intervention of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), and Crime Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).  If these government agencies will be headed by unscrupulous people like what has allegedly happened during De Lima’s tenure as DOJ Secretary, the result is WORST – like where we are in right now.
- Connivance of Authorities
If there is no connivance anything would not be possible, there will always be the stop point but it is not hindered even by the Department of Justice.
It all boils down to corruption.

Generated Solutions

Signal Jammer
Because it was discovered that cellular phones can be brought-in secretly in many ways you can not imagine – in a slipper a whole cut beneath its back to fit the phone is really badly creative. DOJ Sec. Vitaliano Aguirre mentioned the recent acquisition of a costly but more powerful jammer.  The only setback is its effect on the surrounding community outside prison area - affecting phone signal.

Do Not Throw the Bikes, Please

I have watched a documentary showing Japan’s and US problem on disposing bicycles.  See these videos showing what I am telling you.

Abandoned Bikes in Japan by Softypapa

I hope Japan can see the children in the rural areas in the country who are walking kilometers a day just to go to school when they are just throwing bicycles. I learned from the documentary that Japan citizens are abandoning bicycles in the train stations not wanting to pay for garbage collectors that impose separate fine for junked bikes. Contrary to that disposal, those bicycles sell like hotcakes in Japan Surplus shops around the country especially the folding bikes that is very compact to carry around in your car.

Our Favorite Wafer Stick

My daughters Angel and Riana loves chocolate wafer stick. I buy them in canister, worth PhP 110.00 (US $ 4-50. But I always remind them not to munch on excessively because two among the widespread market brands are really sweet.

I never thought that there is this really super-delicious brand that can capture even an adult taste bud – would you believe that this wafer stick cutlets become one of the CAUSES for me and my daughters bonding moments?! I usually do not mind them consuming all the wafer sticks I bought but NOW, they have to divide the contents in three (that includes me!).

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