Bath Soap Tip

My fellow home buddies, here is a frugal tip you may want to learn on bath soaps’ practical use.  Soaps are usually soft and creamy when wet making them prone to melting instead of your family consuming them longer or for  at least two weeks do not be surprised that the family-size bath soap lasted for just a few days. Here is what I have learned from my sister-in-law, ate Lerma. There's a video clip below to show how...

'Bullet-dropping' Issue in NAIA

“Laglag-bala” Incidents in NAIA is really alarming, more than thirty incidents (if I am not mistaken) happened since January this year.  Among the victims are a domestic helper on her way back to Hongkong, a Japanese National and the identification of the two others I have to find-out. Anyway, whoever they are do not matter that much, what matters are they had all fallen victim to the Modus.

Sad and humiliated that the Philippine Airport – the country’s forefront  unceasingly creating this bad impression to our own fellow-countrymen and most especially to the foreigners who will want to visit the country. No wonder if these prospective visitors will have a change of mind entering the scary airport. A drop to our tourism industry.  I am NOT implying that the air terminal’s staff has something to do with the anomalies BUT if they would stand on it, the staff and employees could unite and help prevent such to happen.  The setback maybe is brought about by fear of losing job IF it happened that some high-ranking officials are involved with the actual offenders. These incidents happened only nowadays – this is believed to be some blackmailing and extorting opportunity for the villains to charge the travelers so as not to have a record. If I am on the shoes of the pitiful victims, I would rather pay for under-the-table ‘settlement’ IF OFFERED than have a derogatory record.

Photo Hacks for the Family

Memories has always delighted us in some ways we never imagine. Seeing the firstborn child you have on the very first day,  memories have become retrievable because of man's wonderful invention, the camera. 

Before, we are using the analog cameras that made us buy rolls of films and some of the photos taken on it just landed in the trash bin “I don’t look good in that pic- that was humiliating etc…” , is just one of the complaints we had then.  Thanks that digital camera graced the scene.  We can now take pics as long as we wanted (as our memory card or internal memory space allows) and then pick from those images the good shots and discard the unsightly ones J without anymore spending the bucks on developing the 'freaky' shots :)

I have here some tips to keep your memories alive and you could do some bonding with your kids doing these: 

1.  Maximizing Album Space

Troubleshooting Phone's Lock Code

Forgot your mobile phone’s lock code?

Birthday Greeting

Our belated birthday greetings to our beloved Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo on his birthday
October 31.  

from Angie, Angel Reign, Riana Ysobel & R. Madera
Quezon East District

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