Practical Dress Make-over Tip

Do not throw your child's old dress. You can actually save and recycle.  Here is a fabulous dress make-over  tip.

1. Choose which part of the dress is still in good condition.  Whether it is the "torso part" or the "skirt part" you wanted to recycle.   

2. Once you are ready, head to cloth shop for a cloth with color that matches the part you wanted to save like in my case,I have chosen to save the "skirt part" which is Gold in color. I go for a printed cloth with streaks of Gold to harmonize the color. I bought just 1/2 yard for my child's size.

Google Plus Versus Facebook

At first, I have not heard about g+ (Google Plus) and the very first social network I have joined before is Facebook.

Signing in for a G-mail account gives everyone access to Google Plus since Google has this "one account for all accounts"  - Youtube, Blogger, and G-mail are all Google's property.  You are instantly given privilege to edit an automatically existing g+ account that is why I learned it.  I am curious about the little icons at the top of my g-mail account seeing the g+ button wonder what is it for. 

Google+ Followers

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