Practical Dress Make-over Tip

Do not throw your child's old dress. You can actually save and recycle.  Here is a fabulous dress make-over  tip.

1. Choose which part of the dress is still in good condition.  Whether it is the "torso part" or the "skirt part" you wanted to recycle.   

2. Once you are ready, head to cloth shop for a cloth with color that matches the part you wanted to save like in my case,I have chosen to save the "skirt part" which is Gold in color. I go for a printed cloth with streaks of Gold to harmonize the color. I bought just 1/2 yard for my child's size.

3.  Sketch your design for the "blouse" -  focus on the neck part and the sleeves. Then, if you are not a sewer, bring it to the shop with your child for the measurements. Have the old part removed and be replaced by the "new" design you have in mind.

                          Grade II Recognition
                        (Outdated Design)
Grade III Recognition
"Recycled" Dress

Front View Design

  4. Another tip is to put piping on the sleeves and neckline (see right image above) that is same color with your skirt, I just bought a 1/4 yard of cloth for this.                                             

Everybody is praising my child's dress during their recognition in grade III, they did not know that it is just "recycled".  That dress/gown (outdated design before) is the one she also used in grade II Recognition.

Back View Design
You can add beads or designed buttons, experiment.  Sometimes lace cloth with a lining works fine too.

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